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Gun control laws are dangerous because they don’t do a very good job of taking guns away from people who shouldn’t have them. They’re more effective at taking guns out of the hands of people who can and should use them, if they chose to, for lawful protection. And gun control laws are most dangerous because they provide such political distraction from much more important issues on reducing crime, particularly reducing the illegitimacy rate. And as long as the president is up there yakking about the Brady bill and assault weapons, that’s all the less time he’s going to be putting into welfare reform and other things to rebuild the family, and that’s the heart of any real solution to crime.

David Kopel
Does Gun Control Work?
[Don’t ever let anyone tell you we haven’t been having a conversation on gun control or that we haven’t been saying for decades it doesn’t work and in fact it is counter productive. We have also been saying it is also a violation of specific enumerated and natural rights. It’s time for those people to grow up, accept the facts and stop wasting their, and our, money, time, and human resources.—Joe]


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  1. The thing is, you are discussing the issue using reason and logic.

    But they are employing only emotion. Their view of things is purely about how they feel. It is not possible to convince them using dialectic because they do not use reason to form their opinions.

    • In other words, “YOU’VE ALL GOT TINY PENISES!!!!1!!!1!!!!1!” is the typical retort.

    • DG; you’re describing the duped, the useful idiots. The perpetrators, those setting the agenda, know exactly what they’re doing. They know that their power comes from us having, or believing we have, serious problems, and so they’re not interested in solving problems. They’re more interested in creating problems.

      There are plenty of blind, butt-stupid, or mesmerized, Progressives, and many of them hold office, but do not make the mistake of believing that their Movement is driven by idiots with good intentions, who can’t see the results of their actions. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  2. If you think the anti gun left wants to make you safer, the they just don’t understand how it’s done, if you’re assuming good intentions and believe you can just give them the right information and they’ll change their ways and change their thinking about things, you are completely missing the point. You’re being played.

    This is one of the things about the blind idiot Republican Party, and the NRA for the most part, that has been so disappointing. They never, ever seem to get it.

    We can’t have a serious conversation about any of this until we understand that we’re up against an enemy. That enemy does NOT CARE about solving problems– Let’s quit pretending they do.

    The conversation we’ve been having is sort of like confronting the robber as he’s leaving your house with a truckload of your stuff;
    “Hey, there must be some mistake! That’s my stuff. I can prove it. No, really, you have the wrong house! You’ve loaded up my stuff. Wait a minute and I’ll fetch you some of my receipts!”

    He DOESN’T FUCKING CARE. He’s a robber. A goddamned criminal. GET IT?

    • Lyle,

      the problem with the NRA is the leadership DOES get it. They will not attempt to fix the problem, since they are in it for the money. Scaring the membership, and not pursuing good lawsuits/cases, is how they perpetuate the situation. They have no intention of ever rocking the boat.
      Without a clean sweep of management, and revisions to the compensation for those positions, in addition to the way they do business, nothing will change.

      Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracies is in full force there.

  3. The only way to get them to stop wasting our time, effort and money is to go on an offensive for gun rights, similar to what the gun controllers do every time there is a firearm crime in the news. Pass open carry where it is now forbidden. Pass must issue concealed carry in those places still resisting. Pass revocations of current gun control laws. Pass constitutional carry in every state possible, with an aim of all 50 states and all territorties. Lawsuits against every gun control measure, again and again and again and again until the courts realize we won’t stop until they accept our reality.

    Let the anti-gunners fight against our successes instead of the other way around.

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