4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Would this be issued to the presidential Secret Service detail and the police, first?

    My opinion on all things mechanical about gun control is let the police and the military test it out for a few years then get back to me about adoption. I probably will still not comply, but let’s do our groundwork research before suggesting or trying to mandate anything.

    So, safe storage, holsters, smart (aka dumb) guns, magazine limits, bullet buttons, overall/barrel length, caliber, mechanism, color, stocks, handgrips, and so on are all foolish things to try to legislate. No bearing on crucial purpose of being a weapon.

    The only laws needed regarding firearms are terroristic threats/brandishing and laws about murder and mayhem. This is true about any weapon. Until it is used in a threatening or dangerous or violent manner, there are no grounds for any other physical or characteristics restrictions.

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