It may not be a shoulder-thingy…

… but at least it goes up!


Apparently, some hoplophobes don’t know jack about ’em. 🙂

Just remember – the bell curve goes a lot farther to the left than you can imagine.

(another image from the ‘got it somewhere’ folder)



5 thoughts on “It may not be a shoulder-thingy…

  1. Did Hi-Point change it’s name to High Lift? If not I think they have grounds for a trademark lawsuit.

  2. a reality to contend with.– the average urban dweller is dumb as a fucking post, and ignorant to the bone of most governing physical reality. this is the person that leftist politician “persuade” to vote as “directed.”

    the ultimate question is, do we obey an adverse “verdict” at the polls by such persons, if it should happen? i say no.

    i say we fight.

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  4. I tell you what, miss the top lock and ease up at the wrong time, and the arm will kill you dead. Wonder how long before you need a Form 4 for it.

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