Don’t believe everything you hear or read

I received an email tip about this and it sounded just a little too bad to be true. The incident supposedly happened June 2, so I went looking for more recent information and found this:

A story that’s circulating on social media and anti-Muslim and conspiracy-oriented websites is falsely claiming that three young Syrian refugees raped a young girl at knifepoint at an apartment complex in Twin Falls that supposedly is the site where about 50 Syrian refugees had been resettled – when in fact, no Syrian refugees have been resettled to Twin Falls. The story also charges that police failed to respond to the alleged incident in a timely fashion, which local authorities also say is false.

“There was no gang rape, there was no Syrian involvement, there were no Syrian refugees involved, there was no knife used, there was no inactivity by the police,” said Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs. “I’m looking at the Drudge Report headline: ‘Syrian Refugees Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho’ – all false.”

I’ve fallen for this sort of thing before too. It was some outrageous gun related thing.

If something is an extremely close match to your belief system or worst fears you should examine it very carefully. Your mind “wants” to believe it and will easily ignore the warning signs that it is fabricated or exaggerated.

Sometime or another everyone will find, for a short time, they had crap for brains. Clean it out, learn from the experience, and don’t get fooled the next time.


14 thoughts on “Don’t believe everything you hear or read

  1. Is this video fake? I get that the rape story may be untrue but the Twin Falls City Council does not refute the number of refugees in the city as 300. This video is most disturbing because the council seems to accepted that the city has been federalized, and feds now, control who is and is not to be a resident of the area. These spineless councils are all across the country. They get to feel close to power and keep their paycheck if they just deny ability to do anything. Welcome to the federalization of EVERYTHING.

    Been to Twin Falls, lovely, wish I could have stayed longer. This has been happening here where I am for a few years now, city and county get piles and piles of free cash and goodies and tell the residents; “it’s out of our hands.”

    Tar and feathers and rails and lampposts.

    • Your link ties into the story Joe posted. Read the story and you can answer your own question as to whether the video is fake or not.

      • It was kinda rhetorical or sarcastic or both. Should have said so I guess. Thanks.

  2. Nice post.

    The U.S. Attorney General has edited the recent Orlando shooter’s 911 transcripts too, removing references to Allah, Islam, jihad and ISIS. As the slogan from The X Files says; “The Truth is Out There”. We just aren’t seeing much of it.

    Who was it who said, The truth is always the first casualty in war?

    • Creating noise helps mask the truth, hiding it in a crowd of lies. How many different JFK assassination scenarios are there? And; the moon landings were an elaborate hoax, explosives planted ahead of time brought down the World Trade Center, George W. Bush steered the hurricane into NOLA because he hates black people, anthropogenic global warming is killing us, there’s no such thing as jihad, communists are good, loving people, Republicans will save us from Progressives, Democrats love black people, and look out for Sasquatch!

      Everything becomes a “conspiracy” (which, by the new definition, means something that isn’t real, hence a conspiracy [a collaboration of two or more people] is now anything other than itself) and so who can you believe? No one. Even if they’re telling the truth. The truth is uncomfortable anyway, and so we prefer stories about lying liars and their lies, and devious doers and their deeds— they make us feel better, building ourselves up by judging others.

      We go from “Don’t believe everything you hear or read” to “Don’t believe anything you hear or read” and the truth no longer has any power.

      It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

        • No, you dumbasses.* It was the Freemasons. I can’t understand why you cousin-humping, red-neck assholes* can’t see that.

          *Ad hominems against skeptics are a critical spoke in the conspiracy crank’s wheel.

      • It kills me because it always seems like they create these stories on the fly. (“She was shot 12 times and they removed 11 bullets,” etc.) Very active imaginations.

  3. Since the only thing being unequivocally denied is the claim that there were Syrian refugees involved, I assume the 14, 10, and 7 year old boys who molested the 5 year old girl were probably Muslim refugees from some country other than Syria. Somehow, it doesn’t seem very reassuring that they are not Syrian.

  4. Somehow just saying “See guys the government says Drudge Report is like, Toootally wrong” isn’t that compelling to me, and I don’t know why it is to anyone else.

  5. What in fact we know to be true is that several nonwhite Muslim boys were with a naked terrified five year old white girl and she and her clothes were covered in urine.

    We also know that this activity was being videoed and encouraged by adults, and this video has been put under judicial seal.

    We also know that police were curiously slow in making arrests.

    So we don’t actually know she was being raped at knifepoint – but we do know that it looked mighty like she was being raped. Maybe she was only being stripped naked and publicly urinated on as an expression of Muslim hostility to infidels.

  6. Hmm, curioser and curioser.

    “In his statement, Chief Craig Kingsbury attempted to set the record straight on rumors that a 5-year-old girl had been raped by three Syrian refugee boys. According to Kingsbury and the Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs, those statements were false, but did confirm that the children accused were from different counties between the ages of 7 and 13.”

    I can understand the desire of officials to set the record straight, but to say it was all false just muddies it up even worse. So they were not from Syria, small detail, not a lie. They came before the refugee crisis and that makes them immigrants, still a detail to be corrected, not a lie.

    The core facts were confirmed, three boys from the middle east or Muslim nations were accused, two are in custody.

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