Quote of the day—Lisa Stingel Mifsud @sportslawyerlis

@Rickmayhem @DCHomos @johnrtworld 50 people just died I say ban all guns you still want to argue 50 Americans are DEAD from 1 man

Lisa Stingel Mifsud @sportslawyerlis
Tweeted on June 12, 2016
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. These folks really are mentally deficient. Their brains are so fogged when considering their object of hatred that they can’t even spare a couple of brain cycles to think of how ridiculous they are. Ban murder! Ban cars and swimming pools! Ban any other object or thought process that has the potential to kill. But never consider the consequences, because that would involve some modicum of logic.

    Here’s a thought – while we’re banning Constitutionally protected rights, lets ban gatherings of gay people in nightclubs. After all, the right to peaceably assemble has the potential to cause death, too.

  2. 250 million people are DEAD from a handful of oppressive governments in recent history (e.g. Turkey, USSR, China, Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, imperial Japan, North Korea, Cambodia, and a bunch of hellhole countries in South America, Africa, and the Middle East where the governments had a monopoly on arms and force).

    I will keep my firearms to deter democide and for every day defense against common criminals.

    One final thing, since we followed Lisa’s logic and banned firearms at that location, none of the patrons were armed to defend themselves. How does that work out? I think we know.

  3. Fifty people just died. I say ban all gun free zones. You still want to argue? Fifty Americans are DEAD from one Muslim, and no one could shoot back– How pathetic is that? Get a gun, learn to use it well, keep it with you at all times, and NEVER let anyone tell you it’s wrong to have it.

    There. Fixed it.

    • We’ve been working on gun regulation as a solution to violent crime since the 1930’s. As Lyle says, let’s try something different, because every time we try your solution blood runs in the streets.

  4. ( sarcasm ) FDR should have banned privately owned aircraft after Pearl Harbor.

    • Hello? FAA? The first step in that direction was taken generations ago, such that people today take it for granted that mega licensing, inspections, type certifications, all the sclerosis that goes with it, and mega aircraft operated out of tax-payer subsidised mega airports is simply “The Way It Is”. Private pilots* in Alaska are flying aircraft designed in the 1950s and ’60s today for very specific reasons, all surrounding government interference.

      *Actually there’s no such thing as a private pilot, which is the point, and it’s similar with land vehicles. The world we take for granted right now would be so different we cannot begin to imagine, if not for government interference in transportation, energy, agriculture, communications, food, drugs and medicine, et al. We CANNOT imagine.

      • Not to argue, but I thought the primary reason that private pilots are mostly flying decades-old Cessnas, Pipers, and Beechcraft was more because the tort laws and crazy lawsuit settlements drove the manufacturers out of that market. About the only folks left selling new planes to private consumers are “experimental” aircraft, where the risk of bankrupting your company is presumably lessened if the pilot augers in.

        • The liability crisis is part of the problem. A couple of egregiously excessive damage awards resulting from the misuse of aircraft over which the manufacturers had no control, increased the cost of every aircraft made since then by tens of thousands of dollars. This is a huge issue for low cost aircraft.

          Another contributing factor was the aftermath of the Air Traffic Controllers strike which lead to the firing of many of the existing ATC workforce. While There were good justifications for breaking the strike, it crippled the system for years and made the system less convenient and more expensive for private or small business uses. The market for light twin business aircraft collapsed in the early eighties, as small businesses and individuals could no longer justify the greater operating expenses for less utility.

          In addition, all the proposals for privatizing air traffic control have basically involved granting monopoly ownership of our airspace to the major airline companies.

          All of these factors are driven by government in one form or another. I don’t know what would have happened in aviation without government interference, but Lyle is right that the world would be much different.

          • I thought GARA (General Aviation Revitalization Act) was supposed to address this issue.

        • “Private pilots in Alaska are flying aircraft designed in the 1950s and ’60s today”, “mostly flying decades-old Cessnas, Pipers, and Beechcraft”.

          Who let Castro in?

    • Nor did the Branch Davidians threaten to wash the Earth in the blood of infidels.

  5. There’s an hold expression: The straw that broke the camel’s back. People like Lisa might want to think about how that expression could apply to “banning all guns”.

    Some of us have decided we’re not giving them up, we’re not surrendering, and we’ve noted that, after the first one, the rest are “free”.

  6. Just seen on Facebook. (From my cousin, actually.)

    I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face…and a gun under my shirt and you are none the wiser, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I won’t shoot you. My gun won’t pull it’s own trigger. It is securely holstered with the trigger covered. It can’t just go off. However, rest assured that if a lunatic walks into the grocery store and pulls out a rifle, I will draw my pistol and protect myself and my family and therefore protect you and your family. I may get shot before I can pull the trigger…but, I won’t die in a helpless blubbering heap on the floor begging for my life. No, if I die it will be in a pile of spent shell casings. I won’t be that victim. I choose not to be. As for you, I don’t ask you to carry a gun. If you are not comfortable, then please don’t. But I would like to keep my right to choose to not be a helpless victim. There is evil in the world and if evil has a gun, I want one too…


    • “Sorry, this page isn’t available

      The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

      Sounds like Facebook censorship is alive and well.

  7. I saw the same quote repeated yesterday on Book Face by two female friends of my adult daughters. One of the folks is a relatively recent immigrant from Great Britain, now a US citizen.

    • My apologies. The link works for me; perhaps it only works for FaceBook Friends, or some such.

      I suspect that the quote may not have originated with my cousin, as I’ve now seen it elsewhere as well.

      Nonetheless, it is worth sharing and repeating — and if my cousin didn’t originate it, I’m nonetheless proud of her for sharing it!

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