Old white guys?

Disputing the claim that gun owners are “just old white guys”.

They lie. It’s in their culture and it’s the only way they can hope to win.


One thought on “Old white guys?

  1. Not that it matters, because human rights have nothing to do with age or race, but I’ve taken a young black gal out shooting three times so far this year.

    Take the “white guy” part out of the equation and we come closer to the truth of the matter-at-hand; old people know things, and they remember things, and that’s an existential threat to the Authoritarian System. You will note the number of collectivist revolutions, including the American Progressive movement, which have concentrated on the vulnerability of youth. Separating the youth, from those older people with experience, is an evil tactic with a long and sorted history, and it manifests itself in myriad, increasingly clever ways.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I refer to some Grand Conspiracy either. These tactics go part and parcel to the mindset, or personality type, and so they do not necessarily require collusion, coordination, or marching orders from on-high. They come naturally as an outgrowth of one’s allegiance to the Authoritarian mindset.

    And so the point is that the young black gal I’m taking shooting is LEARNING FROM AN OLD WHITE GUY, and we can’t have that. No, Precious; we can’t have that at all, and so the seeds of mistrust between generations must be carefully cultivated.

    As a kid I distinctly recall this active cultivation of mistrust. I first started noticing it sometime in the 1960s, and if you think about it, you will too. “Never trust anyone over 30” was an oft repeated phrase back then, for but one example. Public “Education” is another, and that was the time when we were forced to learn “New Math” (because the math that built America’s industrial civilization and was in the process of putting Man on the Moon wasn’t “good” enough). This meant that the parents who knew math perfectly well were then less capable of helping their kids with their school assignments. They’ve recently changed the way math is taught once again, and it appears to me as gibberish designed to make it more complicated and less intuitive. So you grandparents had best take a close look at what your grandchildren are having pounded into their heads by the Common Core slime. The list of examples of willful generational separation would fill several volumes, but you have the point by now. Take a close look at how old people are depicted on kid’s TV shows.

    As Michelle Obama is on record as saying; we have to change our traditions, our culture and our history. It’s entirely true too, if your objective is to tear down Western Civilization, especially the American Principles of Liberty.

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