Quote of the day—Carlo Di Falco

Our gun laws completely miss the mark when you realise the chance of any one of Australia’s 800,000 licensed gun owners committing murder are so minuscule that you are more likely to die from a bee sting.

Carlo Di Falco
May 5, 2016
Talking Point: Gun control laws the biggest con job in our nation’s history
[Even aside from the violation of the natural right to defend yourself, the anti-freedom side doesn’t have sufficient data to support a plausible argument for public safety.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Carlo Di Falco

  1. The statistics clearly show that, at least in Tennessee, permitted carriers are significantly more law-abiding than “average” fellow citizens.

    I see no particular reason this would be any different in any other state, I just haven’t examined the data there.

    Obviously not all firearm owners are permitted carriers, and an argument could be made that permitted carriers are a bit of a step above, but as the saying goes, if firearm owners were as violent as the anti-rights crowd advertises us to be…

  2. These people are so tiresome…

    We can argue facts, statistics and rights, but all those efforts fade away when compared to the emotive arguments that the Progresssives adore.

    I’m to the point of informing “them” that they cannot remove my rights. If they do so, I will not recognize the legitimacy of their efforts or any attempt to enforce such policy.

    I’m a live and let live person. Tolerant of much that I actively disagree with or view differently than what is “PC”. However, there are lines which will not be crossed, at least without consequence. Two that happen to be on the “should not cross” list would be my horizontal and my vertical…

  3. They will keep pushing until firearms owners and liberty-lovers say enough is enough.

    That will occur when they finally try to ban and confiscate firearms. That will precipitate the Second American Civil War. Are they that irrational?

    Well, if the “Hildabeast” is elected and since she supports this platform (i.e. Australian style mandatory “buy backs”) then it might just happen.

  4. But everything in Oz is so venomous that a bee sting there will have you dead before you hit the ground.


  5. This is the sort of thing that happens when you don’t have a constitution. Or a meaningless constitution. Or a constitution that is spit on by all the politicians.
    (Oz and UK are in the first group. Holland is in the second. The US is in the third.)

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