Quote of the day—Scott H. Greenfield

So make your case. Advocate your position. Persuade everyone you see that your position is right, that the demise of humanity is imminent and that we must act immediately to stem climate change.  Yes, go for it.

But never by silencing critics, no matter how wrong you are certain they are.  This subpoena cannot stand, no matter how strongly, how passionately, you disagree with CEI.  There is a line that cannot be crossed, no matter what, and that line has been crossed. Prevail because your ideas are better than theirs, but not because government has the means to bludgeon ideas with which it, and you, disagree.

Scott H. Greenfield
April 8, 2016
The CEI Subpoena Cannot Stand
[H/T to Alan Gura on April 8th for the retweet of Greenfield’s tweet.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott H. Greenfield

  1. Hint: Like the gun control groups, who behave the same way. They act like this BECAUSE THEY’RE LYING!

    Hell even in the God/No-God debate (of which BOTH sides have considerably less evidence that the gun or climate sides do) you don’t even see such blatant stifling of free speech and dissent.

  2. The leftists must be very sure of their imminent victory in all arenas of society and government, because it appears they are blind to the possibility that those on the right might be just as abusive of power as they are trying to be. Possibility of payback in the near future just never crosses their minds.

  3. It’s more than just lying. Silencing critics is a goal in its own right, not a misguided side effect. Communists know that free people, able to think for themselves and speak what they know, are the enemy. This is why they have created public schools that teach only ignorance. This is why they have senators that advocate the oppression of free speech.

    • Thus Paul Koning wins the internet for today.

      “…not because government has the means to bludgeon ideas with which it, and you, disagree.”

      Yeah, see; bludgeoning those who fail to fall in line with the authoritarian system is the whole idea, motivation and purpose. Actually it doesn’t even matter who’s getting bludgeoned. They’ll often bludgeon their own.

      It is curious to me how many people entertain false premise after false premise, trying to correct the premises, while failing to consider the fact that the premises are just a smokescreen. A distraction. Bait. Any old premise or outrageous lie will do, so long as there are suckers like us who’ll jump on it, and thus keep the attention focused away from simple and basic principles.

  4. Hey, when you’re a con man, backed by the coercive force of the goobermint and your “mark” laughs in your face, what else can you do? The gubmint is intent on stealing $Billions from we, the citizens. Global cooling/warming/climate change is their excuse and they’re stickin’ to it. Liars lie, thieves steal, and politicians are both. Sad.

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