Quote of the day—Paul Craig Roberts

An attack on abortion rights, for example, produces a far greater outcry and resistance than the successful attack on habeas corpus and due process. President Obama was able to declare his power to execute citizens by executive branch decision alone without due process and conviction in court, and it produced barely audible protest.

Historically, a government that can, without due process, throw a citizen into a dungeon or summarily execute him is considered to be a tyranny, not a democracy.  By any historical definition, the United States today is a tyranny.

Paul Craig Roberts
Does The United States Still Exist?
An address delivered to the Libertarian Party of Florida on March 23, 2016 in Destin, Florida
[Interesting points.

Remember: Why Boomershoot? Insurance against tyranny.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul Craig Roberts

  1. friends:

    if right and privilege are not exercised, are not asserted, and not jealously guarded, they are lost. period. some asshole is always willing to walk all over you, unless you are willing to fight to protect yourself.

    our guns are the great bulwark of our liberties. but, in order to give substance to this assertion, we have to be willing to use them if any government or faction tries to illegally impose its will upon us. if we are afraid to use them, then we will loose them, and all the other things that go along w/ gun possession, such as free speech, the enjoyment of our homes free of unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to freely associate and organize w/ like minded people.

    always, always, always, it is not just the possession of a firearm which protects our liberties. it is the willingness to use them, if needed, to perform that function. buy guns, buy ammo, practice, and be willing to fight at the drop of a hat. i do not speak metaphorically, or rhetorically, but as a matter of fact.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

  2. I think this traces back to upbringing, or education. It’s an unfortunate reality that most modern schools are primarily socialist indoctrination shops and only secondarily (in some places) learnings establishments. When kids from an early age are subjected to socialist brainwashing, it is hardly surprising that attacks on liberty can go unchallenged.

  3. He has already murdered a US citizen. Yup, that evil SOB mouthpiece (some idiot named something like al zawadhiri) who was in Yemen was taken out by a drone strike by POTUS order.

    He had not broken any laws of the US, but was a nuisance (not a threat) because he said some inflammatory muslim stuff. Glad he is dead. Sad that the POTUS was not impeached and convicted for murder.

    Now with the NDAA the POTUS can wave his hand and disappear anyone that is an irritant. Congress is crap for this abuse of authority.

    • True. But pretty small scale compared to the mass murder at Waco, or FDR’s concentration camps.

    • Well last week Lyle said that Muslims weren’t protected by the First Amendment because their religion was icky. Their Fourth Amendments rights of due process should be null too, yes? So as long as Obomba only kills Muslims, we’re following the constitution.

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