I can relate

Nick Cannon says:

Voting for office is like picking out which gun you wanna get shot with.

I can related to that this year in particular because of our most likely presidential candidates. There have been some bad options in the past but this year is really messed up.


9 thoughts on “I can relate

  1. I disagree.

    The choices have been every bit as bad in the past 25 years (albeit in different ways); the difference this time around is that it’s so glaringly obvious to everyone.

  2. I like this better than my turd comparison: This election is like choosing plain, with nuts, or with corn. Nick’s is cleaner and more concise.

  3. Warning; Rant follows.

    Oh for heavens sake, get a grip. The chance of there ever being a candidate for national office with whom you agree on all points is………..Zero. If you’re lucky and you live long enough you may encounter one, almost certainly local, candidate that you personally know and admire and you can actually vote for. Happened to me once, and I’m 64 years old and have voted in every election since I became an adult.

    You vote AGAINST! It’s like shooting your one rifle against the enemy army. No, you are not going to decide the war, but if enough people decide that it’s all too icky and they are just too sensitive, and it’s just too much to bear, and it doesn’t matter anyway, and they’re going to stay home and pout and not pull the trigger ( vote ) then the f——g enemy will for damn sure win. There it is, suck it up, dixie cup.

    Rant ends.

    Thanks for your bloggin’ I read your stuff daily.

    • I agree that voting is a form of aggression.
      Maybe this year that vote can be turned against the system itself.

      • How? With the possible exception of the Libertarians, all the candidates are part of the system. Yes, that includes Trump. (Especially him, I would argue: he’s all about more government power.)

    • Also, I continue to be impressed by Nick Cannon. His MCing of America’s Got Talent alone was enough to grab my attention, but darned if he didn’t phrase a cogent point in a compelling fashion in this case.

  4. If I have to get shot by a gun, I’ll pick one of those New Jersey “firearms” with the orange tip that shoots plastic BBs.

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