This could come up at her trial

Hillary Clinton says:

If the NRA thinks you’re doing a good job, that’s a pretty good indication that something’s very wrong.

The portion of the NRA which she is referring to is NRA-ILA. This is a civil rights organization. What presidential hopeful Clinton is saying is that she wants to infringe upon a specific enumerate right. She is publically admitting her intent to violate 18 USC 241 and/or 18 USC 242.

I can understand her lack of concern for being so open about this. She has gotten away with so many crimes that I suspect she gives such acts less thought than if you or I would when contemplating tearing off a “Do not remove under the penalty of law” tag off our pillow.

This could come up at her trial. Assuming, of course, she isn’t already serving a life sentence for some of her other crimes by then.


2 thoughts on “This could come up at her trial

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  2. High level politicians don’t get sent to jail. Governors yes. An occasional senator depending upon his party affiliation and whose in power at the time. IF she doesn’t get jail time which I really doubt she should be barred from holding ANY political office.

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