They really don’t understand

I just have to shake my head at people like this:

You don’t need an automatic weapon to hunt deer or shoot targets,” she said. “If you really need a gun for target practice, why don’t the gun clubs have guns to rent?”

A statement like that only vaguely even makes sense to me. And when you try to talk to these people they seem incapable of understanding what you are saying as well. I would assert people like this really are that stupid, but yet they manage to dress and feed themselves with no apparent difficulty.


7 thoughts on “They really don’t understand

  1. I love statements like this, because I can reply thusly:

    “Sure, and you don’t need a sports car to get to work, either. Or have an iPhone to make calls. Or have a Starbucks latte when you can get cheap coffee at the gas station.” Etc, etc. It really drives home that whole need vs. want dichotomy.

    • Keeping your gun at the range is like keeping your car at the service station, or your clothes at the laundry, or your phone at the post office.

  2. No, they don’t understand. My cousin from California was horrified when she was told we don’t use plastic bullets at the gun range. More so when when she learned we brought our own firearms to the range.

  3. In a way we’re dealing with zombies. They have perfectly good brains which have been short circuited and co-opted by outside influences. It may be fun to laugh at their apparent stupidity, but there’s more to this than mere defects of the brain.

    Culture (root word being “cult”) works to form our world view and effects our perception of practically everything we see. Culture is what we’re really talking about. What would you be thinking and saying and doing right now, for example, if you’d been born and raised in the mountains of Afghanistan by Islamists and lived with them to this day? Same genes, same exact “you” in every sense but for the culture you’d been immersed in since birth.

    You’d be unrecognizable as the person you are today.

    Is the “you” that you think of as you really you? I say “no”. And so the argument can be made that we can no more take credit for who we are than our enemies can take the blame for who they are. Yet we are made to fight one another, which leads to the question of what ultimately responsible forces are at play here. Whatever they are their characters survive across the millennia– We see that much in history.

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