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  1. Thanks for that link. This is great:
    “…today’s liberals are themselves the very embodiment of inconsistency. Gay rights advocates support Palestine over Israel. Progressives encourage a righteous contempt of authority, unless the authority happens to be a far-reaching socialist government. Career politicians speaking on climate change are transformed into altruistic scientists completely devoid of profit motive. And, of course, all fundamentalist religions are evil, so please stop Islamophobia.”

  2. “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” — Ayn Rand

    I’d clarify that to “cannot credibly claim” — since liberals and “Progressives” will nevertheless make such a claim despite all evidence to the contrary — but the logic stands.

    There is a lot of truth in that article about liberal thought.

    • Yep; Rand said it best.

      Progressives cannot attack the message so they attack the messenger, thus proving the message. It works out quite well when you think about it. It’s the circle of life.

      “We stand for justice and equality!”
      “No you don’t; you’re opposed to individuals’ rights.”
      “Shut up or we’ll destroy you!”
      “I know; see?”

      Eventually it comes to brute force.

      • “Can I get some muscle over here?”
        – Melissa Click, professor of journalism, trying to forcibly eject a student journalist

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