We knew that at the time

Jared Keller complains, What We Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Gun Control Why are Uber and iPhone security more important than solving our national gun problem?

The national conversation has largely moved off of gun control, a trend we’ve seen since the Newtown massacre when support for gun rights increased despite the slaughter of 20 children and six teachers.

This, it seems, is the cycle of our political will when it comes to guns. A mass shooting leads to calls for control from lawmakers, a flurry of reporting from media outlets, and a spate of social media campaigns, then poof: The American public moves on.

After whining a bunch more he quotes Dan Hodges who tweeted the following on June 19, 2015, two and a half years after the Newtown tragedy:

In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.

I wouldn’t have expressed it that way, but we knew Newtown was the last stand for gun control a few days after it happened. No retrospection required.


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  1. “Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

    Really? When did he change the subject to abortion?

    • Touche’!! Be careful though, his head may explode! Lefties don’t deal well when their hypocrisy is exposed.

      As to his original comment, we DON’T HAVE a national “gun problem”. We have a corrupt media, in bed with a corrupt gubmint, trying to scare the sheeple into giving up their God given rights for gubmint’s promise of “protection” and “security”. Anybody with a brain has already figured out that there is no way in hell the gubmint could keep that promise, even if they really wanted to… They don’t.

  2. They conflate bearable with preferable. The deaths of innocent people are a tragedy, of course. However, the alternative of “reasonable” gun control would be worse. Yes, this is the choice we make. The choice isn’t that different than other activities – people die in plane crashes, car accidents, etc. every day. If someone on the ground is killed by a private plane – do we respond by trying to ban planes? Nobody “needs” to own their own plane, right?

    I actually see Uber and the iPhone fight helping gun rights. Uber exposed the state and local laws that were designed to protect the taxi companies and their political cronies under the guise of “protecting the public.” There is an element to it of public safety, but people came to realize that the cost of this protection was too great and not worth it. Ditto for gun control. The criminals don’t care and they realize that regular honest people get caught up in “gun crimes” that are BS (here in NJ). The iPhone is important for anyone who values their liberty, freedom and privacy. Hopefully it gives more people a libertarian streak.

  3. The point that’s missed here, and needs to be emphasized, is that it is gun control that made these bad situations worse. It is the victim disarmament — the correct term to use instead of “gun control” — that makes it possible for bad guys to do their evil without worrying about resistance.
    Not just mass shootings, but several other mass casualty terrorist attacks like the 9/11 attacks were enabled, or at least made easier, by victim disarmament.

    • It was around 1999 that I first ran into knife restrictions on commercial flights. ‘Til then, I always had at least one full size folder and my Gerber multi-tool, which has a blade in each handle, in my carry-on bag. Plus a couple small pocket types.

      It seemed to begin with that idiotic “intimidating appearance” label for half-serrated blades, and quickly went down hill from there.

      IIRC, it was fairly common for pilots to have a snubbie tucked away in their flight documents/maps case. Increasingly anti gun cities they were landing in slowly drove that practice into history.

      And so, 9-11 was allowed, actually encouraged, by this creeping anti-self defense mentality.

  4. Why was the image of victim Victoria Soto changed from one with her sitting on a dock wearing camo to one showing her in a sun dress, then a graduation gown.??.

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