Quote of the day—Richard Feldman

In 1994 [when President Clinton introduced a ban on assault weapons] I remember being asked ‘Why do you need these guns?’ My response was ‘Well, I never needed them before, but if the government thinks I shouldn’t be able to own them, I guess I want them now’, and I did go out and buy about 15 of them before the ban.

Richard Feldman
January 26, 2016
How has the US gun lobby been so successful?
[Just like I buy and read banned books I also buy and use banned guns.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richard Feldman

  1. How has the U.S. gun lobby been so successful?

    That question presumes a great deal. It’s loaded with ignorance, conceit, arrogance, bigotry and deceit. It’s the wrong question on the subject. A better question would be;

    “What is it about the concept of the unalienable human right that drives so many people insane?”

    That’s the BBC though, and the Brit/Euro mind has always lived in a world of kings, queens, lords and dukes, appointed positions and command performances, where there are no such things as rights but only privileges granted and duties assigned by one’s overlords. Apparently that mind either cannot grasp the concepts of liberty or it is too afraid to grasp them. It is a creeping sickness.

    Therein lies our challenge– How do we deal with that sickness? How de we educate and awaken that dull, complacent mind?

  2. I’ve never wanted to read Mein Kampf before. I kinda do now.

    What changed?, you might be tempted to ask.

    The answer is simple: I found out that the German government’s 70-year ban on printing it was recently lifted.

    The fact that someone said, “You shouldn’t read this,” makes me want to read it. The fact that someone, somewhere, says, “You shouldn’t own this type of gun,” makes me want to own it. That they’re willing to pass laws banning either one, makes me want it even more.

    • Most of my rifles, including the Ruger 10/22, are banned in New Jersey and several other states. This shotgun (I have 12 round magazines for it too) is illegal in several states. Most of my handguns, including my normal carry gun, are illegal in California, New Jersey, Maryland, and other states.

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