Quote of the day—Domenico P. Nanni @dominicnanni

What are conservatives going to do when we succeed in taking their guns away? #guncontrol

Domenico P. Nanni @dominicnanni
Tweeted on January 7, 2016
[Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. I don’t think an Emoji exists for what will happen if the “Progressives” decided to disregard both the 2nd Amendment and the will of the American people and start collecting guns.

    I’m actually glad, because I really prefer this slow non-violent means of crushing the anti-gun movement.

      • Why not, everyone else has (with the possible exception of Ruth Bader Ginsberg). All the cool people are doing it!

    • Here’s the emoji for “Progressives” and their minions that try to take our guns:

      X X

      (That’s two X’s on their eyes, because they will be dead. Sorry to break this to them, but hey, reality bites.)

  2. I love how he uses the pronoun “we.” You gonna be knocking on doors, Dom?

    And the surname of the individual pushing to exert big government control over other peoples’ lives and choices is Nanni? Seriously?

  3. It’s the “Underpants Gnome” method of gun confiscation:

    1) Declare gun ownership illegal. Begin confiscating [conservative’s] guns.
    2) ??????
    3) Peace and harmony!

    • Step 2) Spark the Second American Civil War with the end result of the extermination of liberals and progressives for their crimes against the Constitution.
      then we have Step 3) Peace and harmony!

      • Civil wars don’t generally lead to peace and harmony. They tend to leave a lot of dead bodies and festering resentments on all sides. See: War of Northern Aggression aka War of Southern Rebellion aka The Noble Cause (used by both sides)

  4. Considering you can’t take the guns away from the criminals, how do you expect to take it from anyone else?

    • No, no, that’s the whole point! We can’t take guns away from the criminals, because they won’t listen to us… but at least we CAN take guns away from the law-abiding! There, see, we’re doing something about the problem!

      (No, I’m not being sarcastic. This is how some of them think.)

  5. What are big city liberals gonna do when the people in the countryside stop the food shipments when you try? Who wants to bet barista will quickly be on the menu….

      • My wife had a (gosling) classmate in an intro bio class state (quoted by DW):”Ewww! I would never eat an egg from a chicken! I only eat eggs from Kroger!”

  6. This is a rare admission that gun control is all about disarming political opponents.

  7. dear dom:

    shoot your worthless ass w/ the ones you didn’t get. you seriously think you are going to get any without “payment in kind.” think about it.

    john jay

    • A rare honest one! Most Marxists will go through amazing twists, turns, reversals, re-definitions, denials, distractions and counter-accusations and never admit to it– One wonders why they’d be so evasive about something they hold so tightly and so dear.

      If Marxism has a bad name though, it deserves a far worse one.

      One also wonders; if he’s admitting he’s a Marxist, does he know what the word means or is he just using it for shock effect?

      • Reading the blog that is linked to his Twitter account, I can tell you this: It is FILLED with Marxist gibberish, and he often pens long diatribes on SJW and communist topics. He is the typical lifelong college student who has never had a job off campus.

        He even refers to people as “comrade” throughout the blog. He has really drunk the kool aid.

  8. In the unlikely event I was still alive, I’d be saying “I told you so” as the world descended into criminal anarchy, tyranny, and the return of a much more brutal and intolerant world where mass slaughters of civilians by government troops and thugs were (more) common. If you mean the magic dust to actually make the technology disappear, then we’d go back to where women are property and strong men with swords ruled the weak, and the feudal order of the middle ages would be looked upon as the good old days.

    • Yeah, it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for…you might get it.” Some things are worth fighting for. That doesn’t mean the fight is likely to end well for either side.

    • I was thinking that considering how these Leftist purges go, if the confiscation went as well as he thinks it will go, I’ll meet him as we climb into the boxcar, and I’ll say, “After you.” And sometime during the trip, I’ll strangle him for his rations. Aleksandr S. said in one of the first two volumes of “The Gulag Archipelago” that the motto of the Zeks was, “You today, me tomorrow.” And if anybody should go first, it’s the Leftists who destroyed the freest country ever on earth and got us to the point of cattle cars and Gulags.

  9. What are liberals going to do when they fail (again) to take our guns away?

    Why, they’ll try again, of course…

  10. Any person over the age of eight years utilizing emojis in communications is clearly not mentally stable.

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