You have to wonder

President Obama’s executive orders to ban gun ownership of Social Security recipients who are “incapable of handling their own affairs” raises some interesting questions. How many violent crimes do these type of people commit? Without access to guns will old codgers with Alzheimer’s substitute the use of their canes and walkers to hold up banks and 24-hour convenience stores when they can’t use a gun like they did last week?

One might claim that the President and all his advisers just didn’t think this through. But if you were to claim that I would have to wonder about your gullibility.


8 thoughts on “You have to wonder

  1. Yeah.
    “Nobody want to take your guns.”
    Bee Ess.
    They are looking at any possible avenue to deprive people of their civil rights.

    Veterans, and Social Security beneficiaries who have a fiduciary are prohibited!
    Just because they may have trouble handling their finances?

    Tyrants, all of them!

    I look forward to the New Nuremburg Tribunals.

  2. friends:

    is it the old saying. “he labored mightily to make an elephant, and gave forth a mouse.”

    or, the death of a thousand drops.

    i have a hard time, trying to decide to be worried, or simply laugh at the buffoon. i figure he just testing the water, to see if he can establish the ability to infringe on constitutional right via executive order.

    we’ll see.

    john jay

  3. You know that January 16th of this year will mark the three year anniversary of the 23 Executive Orders on Gun Control that President Obama issued after Newtown?

    I did a quick compare and contrast between the two sets of EOs, and it looks like the only difference is ordering a study into “smart gun” technology.

    Which means that it’s symbolic, pure political theater to pander to the gun control true believers. “It didn’t work before, so lets do it again only HARDER!”

  4. I have to wonder why he hasn’t been arrested for contempt of Congress, for all the contempt he has shown them.

  5. Well, one might suppose it’s one more way to reduce the chances of a senior having a whispered talk with the grandkid about the time when men were free, and showing them one of the tools that made it so.

    Or perhaps it’s simply that SWAT teams think that smashing up great-grampa’s house and stomping his kittens isn’t enough of a challenge, so just go ahead and take the guns away all peaceful like.

    But then I’m an optimist.

  6. He should have taken away the car keys too, while he was at it. Look at all the senior citizens who kill others with their cars “by accident.”

    • What about all the junior citizens who do that? At least if you stay out of Florida your odds are improved as far as the old ones go, but the drunk teenagers are all over. (Well, there seem to be more in Massachusetts, where they are coddled.)
      Instead of taking away people’s rights, how about applying personal responsibility?

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