No sane person

This is what they think of you:

@Libertea2012 no sane person needs a gun- they are for the paranoid- thus the mad cycle begins #gunsense #NRA

Ellen Michailov‏@2Dmonds1Pistol
December 3, 2015

And just what would you suspect a person that thinks you are insane thinks the government should be done with you?

My guess is if Ellen Michailov‏ had her way with us we would be sent to a psychiatric hospital. Progressives have a long history of doing that.


4 thoughts on “No sane person

  1. No, dear, it is you who insane, refusing to recognize the reality of human rights, including the right to own weapons.

  2. True insanity is demonstrated by the belief that a government, composed of the very same citizens, will magically be trustworthy and benign, while simultaneously declaring that average citizens cannot be trusted with firearms.

    Which is it?

    A hint, governments have killed more innocent people then all the criminals combined since the beginning of time. I’ll kindly keep my firearms.

    Only my enemy wants me disarmed.

  3. What a terrible world she must live in, where laws are enforced by paranoid and insane police.

    I wonder what it’s like to be scared of everything all the time?

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