Quote of the day—Brett

This won’t end well.

November 13, 2015
In regard to the ISIS attack on the people of Paris.
[Brett is an extremely smart guy I work with. His knowledge of physics, computers, geology, anthropology, statistics, history, politics, economics, banking, and just about everything is astounding.

At first I thought maybe he was one of those people who just pretends to know everything. But when off the top of his head he tells you the hour an earthquake occurred over three hundred years ago (21:00 on January 26, 1700) and you go looking and find out he was right you start to get a clue. I’ve looked up numerous numbers and things that I found incredible to believe or believe he could remember such details and found he was right. A few times he would report back to me with a correction on something before I got around to look it up.

One time he said a co-worker may be leaving the company soon. I asked why, because I was pretty sure I had all the same information he did in regards to this other person. He told me his son called him “the correlater”. “And?”, I asked. “It’s what I do. And that is what my son calls me sometimes”, he replied. “But why do you say this about our co-worker?”, I insisted. Before he could answer the co-worker appeared, we went silent, they walked up to us, and said, “I’m giving them on month. Then I’m out of here.” Brett looked at me with wide eyes and said, “See?” then expressed his sympathy for our co-worker’s situation.

Friday, as the news of the Paris attacks Brett became very sad and concerned. And repeatedly said, “This won’t end well.” Anyone could have said it and one would find it plausible if not exceedingly likely. When Brett says it then it takes it to a whole new level.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brett

  1. Did you ask him “for whom” it won’t end well? Every conflict ends badly for at least one party, so that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unless he can tell you who it ends badly for…

  2. My take away from this is the sad fact that so many regular folks can’t connect the dots on routine things. Raise minimum wage to $15 – watch jobs disappear. Enact some feel good gun control – no effect on criminals. The list is endless. Where is the good old common sense that we used to have as a country?

  3. friends:

    it is not going to end well. stock up your larder w/ beans, rice and other grains. and, lots of good quality canned goods w/ fats & meats …. canned chili comes to mind. don’t worry about fats & salts, they may very well be the last of your worries. and, of course, canned veggies.

    buy guns, ammo and appropriate stores including powder and reloading components.

    does the idea of the u.s., russia and france flying around in arab air space not bother you just a bit? and, isis will strike at us. we are in for a fight on this, and maybe in for a fight with our “sovereign.”

    john jay

  4. I suspect that the French and the Russians will be discussing their mutual problems with IS shortly. And shortly thereafter will be implementing agreed on solutions to them. People often talk trash regarding the French, but they hold grudges and do revenge almost as well as the Russians.

    • We’ll see. Last night’s headline mentioned a “massive” response, then went on to talk about 10 planes dropping 20 bombs. That’s a small first start.
      I also saw the phrase “roll back ISIS”. Strange terminology. Ayaan Hirsi Ali used the correct verb: “destroy”. (Actually, I would use “exterminate” because of its connotations, but she does have the correct result in mind.)

  5. They’ve had a bit of head start in Europe, but I’d be interested in knowing what this Brett fellow has to say about the apparent colonization of America.

    I’d say it’s a Progressive version of the old Moslem invasions of Europe way back when.

  6. The ability to take present facts and predict a probable outcome is a skill that
    sets us apart from other species…and a skill that is slowly dying out.

    But the phrase ‘this won’t end well” uttered in regards to such an event is about
    as open and nonspecific as possible. Unless someone who states they are a
    ‘correlator’ can provide more specifics such as for whom, in what way and how
    the phrase is meaningless.

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