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An Australian acquaintance was recently visiting the United States. This was a man who had served in the Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam, and had never committed a crime in his life. And he recounted, one by one, his guns that were taken from him—which included some that had been in his family for generations—and he told me in no uncertain terms, “Don’t let them register your guns, Mate. Because once they do, they can come for them anytime they want.”


Mark Keefe
October 12, 2015
Keefe Report: “Don’t Let Them Register Your Guns, Mate”
[I have nothing more to say publically on this matter at this time.—Joe]


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  1. No one can register your guns for you without your cooperation, and no one can confiscate your guns without your cooperation. Just sayin’, Mate.

    Last night I saw video from the Middle East, showing a trail of destroyed vehicles, clothing and personal belongings strewn about, occasional dead bodies. It was a place where Christians had fled for the hills, pursued by the Moslems trying to murder them. All I could think was; “…and they didn’t fight back?”

    So if the question is “how far must we allow evil to go before we stand up and put it down?” then apparently, from what we’ve seen around the world, the answer is often that there is no limit. Thousands of people can be actually running from their own homes while under fire, while seeing their family and friends being killed, while being killed themselves, and still not make a stand. I guess we’re asking for it then.

  2. Our government could truly have only beneficent motives in asking for me to register or surrender my firearms. However, after that is accomplished, there is no guarantee that the next government in power shares those views. See the recent example of the Weimar Republic followed by the Nazis.

    So, I treat backdoor registration and any calls for confiscation like a battlecry and I will not comply. This is the bright red line we can never allow them to cross. It will mean a civil war if they try.

    • “Our government could truly have only beneficent motives in asking for me to register or surrender my firearms.”

      No, our government could not. It’s a nice gesture to say it, maybe, but I don’t think you believe it. It does not do you or anyone else any good for you to pretend so, and anyway there’s no time for that.

      No government ever attempted to disarm its own citizens out of compassion or any “beneficent reason”. It is by embracing the lie of “beneficent reasons” that we’ve gotten to this sorry juncture. Let’s just quit it. No one gets a free pass while attacking a fundamental right, and those who’ve sworn to uphold and protect the constitution with no intent of doing so are especially egregious violators.

      • You are absolutely right. I don’t believe that for a moment. I was trying too hard to be clever. Our government has already performed enough abuses that if our Founding Fathers were here now they would already be shooting.

        I did not mention the Nazis lightly.

        Look at the arms trafficking BATFE (Fast & Furious), spying NSA, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), weaponized IRS, corrupt DOJ, and the inept, pull rulings out of their hind end, SCOTUS.

        I don’t trust the government further than I can throw the Leviathan.

        Oh, by the way, the quote I stole and love to use is, “Only my enemy wants me disarmed.” So true.

        • If you haven’t read “Send in the Waco Killers” by Vin Suprynowicz, you should. It nicely illustrates why giving up your weapons and trusting in the benign intentions of the central government is a mistake that could have extremely unpleasant consequences.
          (The same point, in the form of a novel, is made in the Enemies Trilogy by Matthew Bracken.)

          • maybe, but then you’re suffering through a Matthew Bracken novel. and no one deserves that.

          • Amen. Dude is totally hung up on S&M. Not my personal kink… That and his 2 dimensional cartoon characterization of any group he has a hard on for.

            Jeez. Get over yourself, your perceived enemy is human and has same motivations you do.

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