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  1. Found today’s catchphrase. Thanks, Steve!
    Drones flying over the stadium crowds have the local police all concerned. Can’t have any unauthorized surveillance, apparently.

  2. I have something to add- The FAA says shooting down drones is a federal crime. The case law at this point backs that position up… Silly as it may seem.

    Google provides:


    A drone is an “aircraft” under the Federal Aviation Regulations. Shooting down an aircraft is a federal crime. The penalties include 20 years in prison, and a threat to shoot down an aircraft can get you five years in prison (18 U.S.C. §32). The government also can impose fines of up to $250,000.
    (End quote)

  3. “Shooting down an aircraft is a federal crime.”

    Lots of things are federal “crimes”, and they’re done every day, even sanctioned by states and whole political parties. Since our legal and justice system has departed from reason into Progressive deterioration, it’s like that now. By upholding and exalting “Compromise” above principles, we’re now embracing Third World standards.

    Yeah so anyway; if someone loses a remotely piloted vehicle over my airspace, I figure it’s their fault.

    • Just remember they have a GPS and a radio. And an owner, who may have a lawyer- Remember, it’s a court of LAW, not a court of justice.

      I got into a wrangle with idiots who wanted to fly (unauthorized, out of our control) camera drones over fireworks displays my company puts up. No, common sense isn’t common. Layers, on the other hand are to be found under every rock.

      • Indeed, they do have a GPS and a radio. So wrap it in tinfoil to block the reception of GPS signals and to block the transmission and reception of control signals once it’s on the ground. One of those emergency space blankets would probably work pretty well. Then you can remove it at your leisure to somewhere else. They’ll know where it went down, but not where it currently is. And if you’re careful, they won’t know who did it.

        • You will need to verify your shielding scenario- In the mean time, how about just pulling the batteries?!

          • If your AAA fire is sufficiently robust and on target, electronics/batteries/camera function should not be a concern.

            However, one should be wearing facial coverage, for protection from falling parts and exploding batteries; you know, just in case.

  4. Last year Luckygunner.com advertised depleted uranium anti-drone shotgun shells on April 1st.

  5. I think people need to chill out a little bit over these “drones”. I had some aerial footage taken of my house for real-estate marketing. I am sure glad my neighbors didn’t start blasting away.

    …but they might be taking pictures of my daughter!

    I wonder if these same people smash the cell phones of people who are checking Facebook while waiting in line. They might be taking pictures of their daughter’s butt, after all. In today’s world there are cameras everywhere. You damn well better be right if you are going to take such measures.

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