Gun grabber dream

Via Sebastian and an email from Barron we have Josh Marshall demonstrating he has crap for brains as well as honesty:

We’re now actively debating things that no civilized country has ever even contemplated – the right to take a semi-automatic weapon into a family restaurant or shopping mall.

Nope. That debate was over years ago. We have concealed carry (theoretically, even if it is impractical in some cities or states) in the entire country. Since this guy clearly doesn’t know or care to know what he is talking about you can safely dismiss everything else he has to say except this:

yes, we really do want to take your guns. Maybe not all of them. But a lot of them.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Dear Josh,

Molon labe. I’ll be ready. Will you?

Your move.




18 thoughts on “Gun grabber dream

  1. allen:
    ditto. someone from a lower social class, whose loss will not be so important to the country. you know, and ex-g.i. someone like that. who won’t be missed by anyone important.
    john jay

  2. p.s. very nice job on the stage where you had to wander all over hell and shoot the little plates from around things. very nice on the little plates. i suspect that you got pumped up & distracted on the last set of plates, closer & bigger than the little ones.

    you might remind the fellow, josh is his name, that those are heart and head shots. now, he may have a brain case a bit smaller than most, but still … .

    nice shooting.

    i don’t have much use for that type of shooting, it being my opinion that you can get hurt fighting that close. but, if a guy had to, it would be nice to have your skill set. me, i intend to be much farther away from my adversaries, and would consider it a very large mistake if anyone got that close to me with a gun. but, nice skills, nice shooting.

    • Just an opinion from some of the people who I’ve trained with, but it’s always best to put a significant % of your practice in ways you don’t feel comfortable with. And, with respect, what you intend isn’t necessarily what the other guy will oblige to provide.

      The point being: Murphy was an optimist.

  3. “yes, we really do want to take your guns. Maybe not all of them. But a lot of them.”

    Yeah; who is this “We” person who’ll be going door-to-door in ten thousand neighborhoods full of gun owners who believe the constitution says what it says? In that scenario I don’t think it would matter what Mister “We” wants. What matters is what gun owners want, see. This may come as a surprise, but the gun owners are the ones with the guns and the skills, knowledge and attitude to use them in defense of human rights (even yours, you twit). The gun owners also have adherence to the principles of liberty and they have both the passion and the ability to uphold those principles, for themselves and for posterity. Do the math. You lose. You’re on the wrong side, poor Josh.

    Lovers of liberty are on the right side, and one way or another they will prevail. It may take a huge toll in Progressive mercenaries’ lives, assuming enough of them are stupid enough or suicidal enough to attempt a gun grab, but liberty will win in the end.

    Millions of Americans have seen this coming for decades now. Yet you idiots, you enemies of human freedom, just keep pushing. It’s your necks. No self-respecting American wants to start a fight, but tens of millions are willing and eager to finish one. If your half smart, and I know some of you are, you’ll think again, and back right the hell off before it’s too late.

    The socialist movement is a loose, global movement, and they think they are strong in numbers, but there aren’t enough goons on the planet to kill the spirit of American liberty. They’re what I think of as a “target rich environment”– They can do a lot of damage, leading a lot of people astray (like you, Josh), but they will lose.

    • +1 Lyle
      As much as Obummer may want it, I don’t see the long lines of tearful Aussies, throwing their heirloom bolt actions onto the burn pile being emulated soon in America, just as I don’t see lines of Tea Party members queuing up for the FEMA boxcars.

      These progressive sorts tend to think in a utopian (to them) abstract, not realizing that they reap what they sow when they try to turn those dreams of theirs into reality.

      How long will the organized “gun turn-ins” last, when the people running them start falling over from lead poisoning, delivered from long distances (or speeding motorcycles?)

      • What intrigues me is the sudden openness with this. For years it’s been the line: “No one wants to take your guns away from you.” that’s been used to denigrate and dismiss our concerns.

        So they actually think that everyone, who is currently buying (per FBI NICS statistics) ever increasing numbers of guns, is going to simply turn them all in?

        This is past delusional. Or, possibly they really do, deep down inside, want an open insurrection. I think that they believe that the military will do their bidding and rid them of us uppity rubes who defy them. You see this from another of their lines that basically states that no one could stand up to all the missiles, tanks and artillery the Army has.
        But, I personally know quite a few people, still on active duty, who are so pro 2A that I think the anti-gunners just might be surprised.

        • Unfortunately, this regime is working overtime to weed out anyone who thinks like that. It appears they have been focusing on teh officer level primarily, but they’ll get to the lower ranks in due course. As is typical of them, they are doing it backwards. They think the power is at the top, and not in the trigger pullers.

  4. I was thinking about a concise response to the proposals to take away all semi-auto weapons — which several socialist candidates are floating.
    Here’s my answer: “My wife values her ability to take care of herself. I believe you’ve said you feel this is a good thing. Great. So what would you suggest she should use for self defense, given that you’re planning to take away what she depends on right now?”

    • “My wife values her ability to take care of herself. I believe you’ve said you feel this is a good thing.”

      They were lying about that. It’s all about “feelings” to them. In other words, it’s not real.

      • Oh, I know that. But I’m putting their own words in their mouth as a way to force them into a corner.

    • Not all guns disappear in their, just the plebians’ guns. There will still be civilization, but like North Korea.

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