Fisking the modern man

The New York Times posted some drivel about ways to be a “modern man”.

Numerous others have weighed in on this:

I say a modern man is user of tools and has the right tool for the jobs he needs to do (see items 16 and 25).


15 thoughts on “Fisking the modern man

  1. Bah!

    Nonsensical drivel.

    The described “Modern Man” is an eunuch with delusional of metro sexuality.

  2. The modern man recognizes that white text on a black background is very painful to read and fixes his website.

  3. I have a shoehorn. And I write things on scratch paper. But I don’t wear Kenneth Cole’s, because they don’t come in narrow sizes. So I guess I don’t count.

  4. Should I know what Kenneth Coles are? I take it they are a brand of shoes. Do they make boots? I generally know better than to buy anything that is supposed to be fashionable for a significant other unless I have detailed info on what exactly she wants.

  5. This, from Lileks, made me laugh out loud:

    “Stay away Mr. Burglar or you are going to get such a melon balling”

  6. I think I lost about 10 IQ points reading that article. I’m more shocked that anybody thinks it’s even worth writing a proper reply to. I thought so way before I even got to the gun part. Seriously, half of the list is about what brand to choose for products of no importance. Are they getting paid by Coca-Cola, Wu Tang Clan, Micheal Mann, Irish Spring, etc?

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  8. The modern man used to get beat up and stuffed into lockers a lot in high school.

  9. More succinctly:

    What happens when one of these “modern men” meets a barbarian? He watches his women get raped, then he dies.

    His “civilization” is on borrowed time, at the mercy of others. See: Rome, 4th century.

  10. I’m 89.5% sure that the original NYT Men’s Style article was poorly written satire. All this furor is much ado about nothing.

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