Quote of the day—Bryn Mickle

Make semi-automatic weapons illegal. The Second Amendment crowd can keep the muskets that our forefathers were carrying when they came up with right to bear arms.

Put a ban on high-capacity magazines. It won’t prevent drive-by shootings but it will create a pause if you have to reload after six shots.

Bryn Mickle
October 1, 2015
More billboards won’t fix Flint’s violence problem — gun control will
[Mickle should read the Heller decision before he proclaims what “The Second Amendment crowd” can and cannot do.

Don’t every let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bryn Mickle

    • Jeff B, I agree. It’s time they put up or shut up. Of course, the result will be extremely poor for them

    • Of course not. There’s a Supreme Court decision that says the First Amendment would have included computers, internet, radio, tv and telephones, if only they had thought of them then.

  1. Gun restrictions helped make this shooting possible. More gun restrictions will make more mass shootings possible. This I believe is the driving force behind the gun control movement.

    The Venn diagram overlap between people who view the human race as a stain on the Earth, those who advocate for citizen disarmament, and those who favor taxpayer subsidy of Abortion is almost total.

    • Along those same lines: it should be said more forcefully and more often, that any gun owner who votes Democrat should have his head examined. Or I suppose a more polite way to put it: should ask himself why he is voting for someone who aims to take his guns away.

  2. So, ‘only’ six victims is her acceptable solution?
    What ‘musket’ has a six-round magazine?
    And finally, I’ll bet she really believes that the pause will be long enough for the police to get there and make things all better again.
    You almost have to admire the sheer scope of these peoples’ stupidity.

  3. BTW, reports say that Bernie Sanders (communist from VT) wants a ban on all semi-auto weapons. I suspect he knows that this means nearly all handguns, and that this is why he wants that.
    The irony of this being proposed by a representative of the state that invented Constitutional Carry is mind boggling.

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