Why are anti-gun people so violent?

Via Twitter.

They want you dead:

September 7, 2015 2:45 PM:


@NRA @NRAFamily I have an idea let’s get the crooks to shoot all the NRA top people and then the thugs will be doing life and NRA gone.

This is what they think of you:

September 6, 2015 5:13 PM:

#JeSuisMcKinley ‏@Wilson__Valdez

@NRA @julieG1 @NRAFamily I shoot innocent black children for sport. #2A #NRA #NRAMom


5 thoughts on “Why are anti-gun people so violent?

  1. joe:

    you ask why?

    the answer is one the one hand simple. they are all assholes.

    but, there is a complexity there. you must understand leftists. they think in terms of power, and their goal is to acquire power in every area of life. in short, to dominate and rule.

    we frustrate them. we frustrate them because of the way they perceive us, and that is, in their view we stand as an impediment to their attainment of their goals. it is simple, they know this because we possess guns, and they understand that we will use them to resist the imposition of their tyranny.

    we will not allow every aspect of our lives to be controlled by them.

    they cannot change this as long as we have guns, and the means and the will to fight them. this causes them to react in impotent rage. so, they strike at us in their impotence.

    in short, they are impotent.

    john jay

    • They seem to have this dream, that they can get others to do their dirty work.

      Even in their revenge fantasies.


    • This is exactly correct! 100% It is really sad that those people are a bunch of F#(kin liers and morons trying too control us all and ruining this great country in the process. Americans without guns would be the End of America. God Forbid that ever happining ! God Forbid

  2. Also, remember the three laws of the SJW:
    1) They Always Lie
    2) The Always Double Down
    3) They Always Project

    The more I think about those rules, the more they explain of the loony left.

  3. Actually, it would be far more sporting to shoot the criminal black children for sport – they shoot back.

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