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No, you have no right to feel safe.  You have no constitutional right. You have no moral right. You have no right at all.  You have a right not to be physically harmed, but your feelings, just like everyone else’s, are fair game for bruising.  No one says you have to suffer in silence. Don’t like how your Columbia professor uses classic literature that “triggers” your unsafe feelz? Go to Dartmouth. Don’t like how other people on the internets call you stupid? Don’t be stupid. Or turn off the computer. Or only click on links to cute kitteh pics.

Or just toughen up already, you special little snowflakes.

Scott H. Greenfield
July 7, 2015
Feelzplainin’ and The Constitutional Right To Triggerdom
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott H. Greenfield

  1. That is, or should be, the law in the USA. It seems that some other countries do push the notion that “there is no right to insult”. As if a right limited to nice speech is a right worth having at all…

  2. We have trained the Special Little Snoflakes (SLS) that they in fact are running the show. Or they have trained us. I’m not sure which, and anyway it sort of goes both ways.

    Every SLS knows that he has powers over the strong. We can call it control through victimhood.

    Bad parenting teaches kids that they are in charge of the adults according to their aggrieved/injured/needy/misbehaving status. The political left picked up on this long ago as the means of putting those who cannot cope with life in charge of those who can and do cope. I believe that this was Marx’s primary motivation and goal.

    It’s a pretty effective trick, really. Now we’ve got SLS running rings around us, flaunting it in our faces, dancing naked (both figuratively and actually) in the streets we built. This will not end well.

  3. It started this way with the homosexuals. Oh please, treat us nice. Then, hey we want to be treated equal. Then we want special rights and privileges and total acceptance or we will sue you into oblivion. All because they choose a biological and spiritual dead end of sexual preference.

    Where is my right to ignore them, to not have to cater (literally) to them, to not have my religious beliefs compromised by being forced to accept them?

    The same goes with abortion. How dare you want to force me to do something that is morally repugnant or force me to pay for it. Want one, go ahead it’s legal even if it is immoral and evil. However, leave me alone.

    The best approach is for everybody to mind their own business and not expect the world to turn on a dime for their preferences. I don’t expect special treatment, but I do expect to not be coerced.

    • Oh, and the same is true with firearms rights. Don’t want a firearm, don’t get one, but let me have mine.

  4. I always use the “Shrek” response:
    “You have the right to feel safe. What you lack is the capacity.”

    People who get bent out of shape over concealed carry (or guns in general) either have an irrational fear of law-abiding citizens going postal and shooting everyone in sight, or they have an irrational fear of the guns themselves.

    It’s important to emphasize either way that it’s an irrational fear — a phobia or paranoia, if you will — that prevents them from feeling safe around good, normal people. Equally important is to emphasize that the problem is in their own mind, and is not the fault or problem of those around them.

    They have the right to “feel safe”. What they lack is the capacity, but that’s their issue, not ours.

    And don’t get me started on the status of their “right not to be physically harmed” if they abrogate the responsibility to maintain that right to others who are not duty bound or even always capable of fulfilling it.

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