Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

When liberal democracies collapse, someone comes along who promises to make the trains run on time if we load the right people into them.

Tamara K. @TamSlick
Tweeted and posted on her blog June 6, 2015
[It’s so chilling because it’s mostly true.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

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  2. Even Mussolini, famously of the trains had an organization that did a lot of killing and beating up of opponents in the early years of his dictatorship. Remember his Blackshirts liked to tie people to lamp posts and force castor oil down their throats, and if it was a fatal overdose, well, too bad, they should have kept quiet.
    “Sawdust Caesar” by George Seldes, the Socialist newspaper reporter and publisher of “In Fact” in the late 40’s and in the 50’s is interesting reading, as the Austrian artist overshadows almost every part of Mussolini’s reign. Seldes claimed documents were being destroyed and the record sanitized even before .1930.

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