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There has been adequate documentation that the religious doctrines of the terrorists are accurately reflective of accepted Muslim doctrine. The accurate term for the “moderate Muslims” everyone talks about is “apostates.” Or perhaps “heretics.”

May 4, 2015
Comment to Big Edit at the New York Times
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. A good example is Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Somali refugee, former Muslim, former Dutch member of parliament until she was hounded from office, now living and working in the USA. (She seems to have settled in the disarmed victim district of D.C., though, a puzzling choice for someone with major death threats on her head.)

    • Meh, it depends on whether or not she understands how gun laws work – and more importantly, do not work.

      Still, she seems bright enough, I’d also be somewhat surprised if she hadn’t figured that out, too. I assume there to be some other reason(s) she chooses to stay there.

  2. As a Roman Catholic at a small private southern college with a predominantly Southern Baptist student population, I used to end religious evangelism among my acquaintances by sadly shaking my head and telling them in as regretful a tone as possible that they would burn in hell for their heresy from the one true faith.

    However, I didn’t go stoning them, or sawing off heads, or shooting them, for their schismatic beliefs.

    I’d guess that after enough convincing, there would be no jihadist Islamists left in the world, much as there weren’t any Nazis in Germany or Vichy in France after mid-1944. It is just that the convincing hasn’t really happened on a big enough, world-wide basis yet.

    I hope it is never necessary to be so convincing.

    • When I lived in Baton Rouge, I used to joke with my fellow National Guardsmen (most of whom were Roman Catholics) that I was raised in “the oldest surviving heretic cult” (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod)…. 😉 Neither they nor I considered violence as a means of religious conversion.

      As for the hope you expressed in the final sentence of your reply to Joe’s post, I trust that, sometime during the past 12 years, you’ve had a chance to read Richard Fernandez’s “The Three Conjectures essay,” which addressed the issue of Islamist non-state actors obtaining the capability to produce WMD (specifically, nuclear weapons) in useful (to them) quantities. Richard’s Conjecture 2 suggests that, should it become what you called “necessary to be so convincing,” the only rational response to such a threat is “to finish the exchange by entering -1 x 10^9 in the final right hand column: total retaliatory extermination.” I would mourn such an outcome, but I would find it infinitely preferable to an outcome of an Islamist conquest of, or extermination of, the West.

      • I can’t understand why anyone (except a Muslim) would give a rat’s ass if the Muslims were wiped out totally tomorrow. To me, that would seem to be the only rational solution to an enemy that believes the dying for allah is the surest way to “heaven”.
        They aren’t going to change.
        They are breeding a huge increase in their numbers each year, and they’re teaching those unfortunate offspring to hate and kill without compunction.
        I say give them what they want and send them on their way posthaste, with the least possible loss of civilized people. The problem is only going to get worse and the cost to civilization greater the longer the inevitable is put off.

        • Some people thought the same of the Jews. And people with black skin. And the Tutsi. And intellectuals. And anti-progressives. And many others throughout history.

          And I don’t agree.

          To lump people into groups and say they all deserve the same thing, especially “wiped out totally” is to deny one of the most important characteristics of Western Civilization. Individuality. Each person, if they are to be judged by another, deserves to be judged on their individual merits or lack thereof.

  3. Joe, I don’t think it is fair to compare individuals in non-self-selecting groups, those in self-selected groups who don’t want to kill or enslave me, and those in self-selected groups who DO want to kill or enslave me as if they are morally equivalent.

    Professing Islam is equal to Jeopardy/Intent. The easy way to not be killed in Carl’s scenario is to NOT TRY TO KILL OR ENSLAVE US by renouncing Islam and joining the civilized world.

    These barbarians have been at it since the seventh century; it is about time we take them seriously.

    • I don’t think it is fair to say that in a society where it is a death penalty offense to renounce the religion you were born into to claim they self selected their group.

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