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We face destructive hyperbole from an agenda-driven fear-mongering group in the nation’s murder capital, where obtaining even a government permission slip to keep and bear arms is virtually impossible. They get extensive “news” coverage, instead of ridicule and a demand for an apology. If such preposterous outrage were to appear over race, gender or any other civil right the media would howl with alarm. Instead, we find the lunatics are truly running the asylum. Guns save lives, stop crime and help keep you safe. The media should start covering that missing angle.

Alan Korwin
March 15, 2015
[This was in response to the Brady Campaign video I posted here.

I have nothing more to add.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. “The media should start covering that missing angle.”

    Sorry, but that ship sailed sometime back in the 1960s, or even earlier, and hasn’t been seen since. That is, if we’re talking about the Old Alphabet Media– the government licensed networks.

    There are other media reporting all of the stuff you want reported, so what are we really talking about here? Are we complaining that people have choices? Are we complaining that there are such things as anti-American networks that are allowed to be so anti-American? What, exactly, is the complaint? Do we want MSNBC shut down by force of law? Are we complaining that some people who have microphones, web sites or printing presses don’t like us? Do we want everyone to like us? Is THAT the complaint? Are we incensed over the fact that there are actually liars, communists and scumbags in the world? I’m pretty sure there have been liars and scumbags in the world all along.

    NOTHING IS ANY WORSE THAN IT’S BEEN BEFORE. I.e. shit happens, and it happens over and over again. In fact there are reasons to be more hopeful right now. Look! We’re having this conversation, right now, IN THE MEDIA, because whether we know it or not, WE ARE the media. What’re we bitchin’ ‘bout?

    Anyway; the Old Media will start “holding government accountable” as soon as there is a Republican, and most especially if there is ever a patriotic Republican, in the White House, so just don’t you worry. They know their job and they do it well.

    • Yessir!
      The slogan I thought of back in 2012 was, “At least get the ‘journalists’ back to work, vote Republican.”

  2. Or maybe, with a reference to the very first Lord of the Rings movie, “Dissent’s back on the menu, boys!”

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