Quote of the day—Mayor Danny Jones

These people look at guns like sex objects. They oil them up and rub them.

Danny Jones
Mayor of Charleston West Virginia
March 7, 2015

[H/T to Sebastian.

This is what anti-gun politicians think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


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  1. I first saw that on The Blaze, where it came with the observation that this is strange because the guy is a republican. What that writer missed is the fact that there are plenty of republican politicians (and others) who hate gun owners. Not as many as democrats, and it disarming the law abiding doesn’t seem to be party policy as it is for the democratic party, but just electing republicans certainly isn’t a safe option. (If you want to be safe with a party label, the Libertarian party might work, but no other label that I know of.)

    • There are just as many enemy sympathizers in the Lib’tarian Party as anywhere else. Like any group or label, it is a place people go in search of acceptance. The instant it begins to appear that the label is a ticket to some kind of acceptance, you’ll find it’s been infiltrated and compromised. Think about that for a few moments and you’ll realize its true. Look at how many scumbags hide behind the label of Christianity, for but one example. It’s come to the point where declaring yourself a Christian is an near guarantee that you aren’t. It’s become a posers club, and I submit that the L Party has become essentially the same thing, in that case a place for losers to go where they can feel better about doing, and standing for, nothing.

      If we long for the convenience of relying on party affiliation as a substitute for observation, understanding and discernment, we’ll fail every time.

    • I’m surprised the people at The Blaze were surprised by that. Bear in mind that “Republican Party” — referring to the party as a whole, not individual members — doesn’t necessarily mean “pro-gun” (just look at New York Republican Peter King, or Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey [of “Manchin-Toomey” fame], or New Jersey Republican Chris Christie).

      It’s a fact that the Democrat Party official platform includes a plank for stricter gun control. They, as a party, are openly against private gun ownership.

      The official GOP platform … doesn’t really address the subject. They aren’t openly anti-gun, but they aren’t openly pro-gun, either. They just aren’t openly anything.

      So don’t read too much into which party a candidate identifies with. Barring individual, open statements (and preferably, past actions to back them up), I assume all Democrats are hostile to my gun rights, and I assume Republicans at best are neutral and can be expected to uphold the status quo. The people at The Blaze should be familiar with this already.

      • Yes… this is why I have a standard questionnaire I send to candidates:
        1. Do you support “Constitutional Carry” (sometimes called “Vermont Carry”) ?
        2. Do you support a new “assault weapons” ban?
        That’s for state office candidates; for national office candidates I substituted last time this one:
        1. Do you support the decision of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, in Palmer v. D.C. ?
        The answers can be revealing. Some can be comical, like the candidate who didn’t want to answer in writing because written answers could be misinterpreted. I treat lack of answer as a wrong answer, of course.

  2. I don’t see where this quote is wrong. Most of you find guns a pleasurable thing. I’m sure you don’t feel the same way about hammers and other “tools.”

    • Then you don’t know much about much at all. And why does “tools” need to be in scare quotes?

      I find it telling that you’d pick this post and THAT video to come in here and defend a Markley’s law example. Do you do that same little sort of stripper dance in your head when you think about guns and gun owners? Is that what keep you coming back for more?

      I we were talking about cars, you’d be saying that cars are penis substitutes. If we were talking about chainsaws, or fine carving tools, etc., you’d say we were “ehem… Compensating for Something”, and so on and on. It wouldn’t matter, would it? I’ve heard it all before, all my life anyway; “Men, because they can never know what it’s like to have a new life growing inside them, must always be looking for ways to compensate….blah blah blah, blah blah….” Or because we can’t create life (like a woman can, apparently) we want to destroy or control it, and so on and on and on. I’ve heard that claptrap since I was a kid in the ‘60s.

      Basically it all boils down to;
      “Strength, especially as expressed in a strong and principled man, is the enemy, along with such men’s bitch/whores”.
      Tell me that ain’t so.

      • I think the actual quote is:

        “Don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’ at all”

      • Ha! Well, I didn’t watch the video. I’m only going by the quote.

        “Tools” is in “scare quotes” because gunnies keep saying “Guns are just tools.” I suppose, the real tools are the gunnies themselves.

        • And in the end, ubu is just like all the other rights-limiting sycophants: reduced in less than three comments to childish name-calling. It really is all you have, isn’t it?

          • As long as they keep exposing themselves as fools, as losers, I don’t care.

            Name-calling is poor substitute for winning.

    • To riff off one of Joe’s better quotes, you have wholly specious assumptions about people you know scant little about; we have Supreme Court and legislative victories.

      Enjoy fantasizing about gun owners’ genitalia. We’ll enjoy reclaiming our rights.

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  4. To be fair, I do rub my guns down with oil, but that’s because I live in Western Oregon and they’ll rust from the humidity if I don’t. It happened to a friend of mine who forgot to do so. His poor 1911…

  5. That video horrifies me. I think that I am stupider for having seen it.

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