1 thought on “The leader of the free world

  1. Ouch.

    The truth of the matter of course is very easy to suppress. Just ignore it, and in this case is there is a lot of incentive to ignore a lot. Anyway, who is Bill Whittle to criticize our president? So Obama’s not a macho, macho man, but he cares about (fill on your pet group identifiable only by its perpetual victimhood).

    The point is that this will not change one person’s mind. Though I wouldn’t have been able to recite some of the details, especially about Netanyahu, I and millions of others already knew the gist of it. Anyone who hasn’t recently crawled from under a rock knows it. Listen to what each of the two men said only this month and you know it.

    Those unfortunates who look up to Obama and down their noses at Netanyahu? If any of them ever see the video, which is extremely unlikely, they’ll dismiss it as bigotry, militarism, belligerence, general hate, and of course racism. Poor little (almost half) black man; I think I’ll support him doubly now, after this vicious attack, just to spite the tea tards.

    The choir in this case case got a truly excellent sermon. That fact, and a dollar fifty, will buy you a cheap cup of stale coffee; you know the kind that’s only good for making you jittery enough to stay awake when you’re driving, at those times when you should be standing still.

    Did anyone catch Michael Savage this afternoon?

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