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So, rather than allow a woman to actually defend herself, the University of Colorado believes a woman can urinate her way out of a rape or she might just have to sit there and take it.

When will this madness end? And when will feminists demand that women on college campuses be allowed to protect and defend themselves against sexual assault?

S.E. Cupp
February 23, 2015
Guns for women on campus make sense
Via a Tweet from Kevin Naugle ‏@NaugleKevin.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  2. “Feminists”, if by that we mean the predominantly anti capitalist, anti Judeo-Christian, pro Marxist movement that hides behind “women’s issues”; they have a narrative to maintain. They can’t go after serious civil rights issues like the second amendment, property rights or the rights of women under sharia law, etc, because that would damage the Progressive authoritarian, anti American, Marxist narrative.

  3. Given the hysterical (in both senses of the word) responses to men by some women on university campuses (c.f. he LOOKS like the man who raped me; we had consensual sex three months ago but I regret it now so it was rape; meet the mattress I carry everywhere) I am not sure that arming women on campus is a good thing.

    Although it could have the beneficial result that MEN get to go armed on campus in response to the direct, observable, and manifest threat presented by armed women. /sarc

    PS Just to be absolutely clear:
    I believe that ALL students, staff, and visitors on university campuses should be unrestricted in the exercise of their right to self-defence with the tool most appropriate to the circumstances.
    I also believe that they should face the consequences for any wrong-doing that is proven in a court of law.

    • Most rapes on college campuses are acquaintance rapes and many are fueled by alcohol consumption — so a lot of women don’t really feel that adding guns to this mix is beneficial to anyone.

      And this doesn’t even get into the number of men who might feel that the gun can be properly used to pressure the woman into sex she doesn’t want to provide….

      • … so you are saying that they aren’t RAPE rapes then.

        What an inane response.

        In no way did I say that gun possession should be mandated – if you don’t believe me then read my post again.

        What I DID write was: “… ALL students, staff, and visitors on university campuses should be unrestricted in the exercise of their right to self-defence…”.

        If this hypothetical “lot of women” of yours doesn’t want to avail themselves of that, then that is their decision, and not one that I have any standing to change.
        I might (and I do) disagree with them, but it is their decision to make.

        Others, however might want to BE safer rather than FEEL safer, yet you in your hoplophobia wish to deny them that opportunity by imposing prior restraint.

        As to males using guns to pressure women, well that IS RAPE rape, and aggravated assault, and probably kidnapping as well as other criminal offenses.

        It is also already illegal.

        • They aren’t STRANGER rapes. This article explains it better than I can: http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2015/02/18/guns_on_campus_will_not_solve_the_problem_of_campus_sexual_assault.html

          “If you have a rape situation, usually it starts with some sort of consensual behavior, and by the time it switches to nonconsensual, it would be nearly impossible to run for a gun,”

          As for visitors and everyone else, the quote Joe posted specifically mentions college rapes.

          • But that argument is completely irrelevant. No one claims that having the right and ability to use proper self defense tools will cure every bad situation. The claim only is that it will cure SOME of them. And the stuff you’re quoting, even if it is valid, does not refute that. Sure, an armed woman might not be in a position to prevent every rape. But she will be in a position to prevent some of them, and that is amply sufficient.
            Quite apart from that, self defense is a human right, and no one, especially not some random government agency, has the right to take away our human rights. “It isn’t always useful” is not ever a valid reason for doing so.

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