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  1. Look on the bright side – a lot of these anti-gun idiots who like to talk big have no idea that they have armed neighbors on all sides. I’d say a huge percentage of them don’t ever stop to consider that if we of the gun culture were as violent, sociopathic, and bereft of restraint as they are: we would have more than sufficient psychological justification to have killed most of them long ago.

    It’s actually funny at times to see some foaming at the mouth anti-gunner engaging in a tirade against a pro-2A activist, hurling epithets about murderer, killer, etc. Can you imagine the look of surprise on their faces if you just pulled out an Airsoft pistol and shot them in the chest a few times?

    • Or a paint gun.

      Tempting, but too much danger of full on freakout, unfortunately.

      • Sad to say, if you just pointed your finger at her and said, “Bang, Thus I refute thee,” there would also be total freakout, and you could depend on a visit from police for “terroristic threats” and a registered process server with an invitation to change your name to “Defendant” in a lawsuit for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

        Never mind that “Bang, thus I refute thee” is a reference to Samuel Johnson’s famous table-thumping reply to David Hume’s assertion that there was no objective reality, everything was only an individual’s perspective.

        • Sounds like Hume stole that from a much earlier dishonest person: I just saw the quote “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perception, not the truth” — from Marcus Aurelius, a 2nd century Roman emperor. It certainly fits as the sort of statement a dictator would use to justify his worthless existence.

  2. In a most un-Christian fashion, I wonder if I would decline coming to their rescue with one of my firearms.

    Nah, I’m a good guy, so I would help them out and then remind them that they wanted me disarmed.

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