Quote of the day—Mike Lupica

This isn’t about responsible gun owners. This is about all the slow thinkers, starting with the mouth breathers from the National Rifle Association — the ones who have pimped themselves out to gun manufacturers and prostituted the Second Amendment at the same time — who actually believe that assault-weapons bans and tougher background checks and limits on ammunition are somehow a threat to everything good and decent.

Mike Lupica
December 14, 2015
America continues to protect gun nuts, even though Newtown remains wounded two years after Sandy Hook shooting
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

That is what some people think of us. “Gun nuts”, “slow thinking … mouth breathers from the National Rifle Association.”

I’ll beat he believes we would give up before we could sound out all the words and get to the point where we read, but still not understand, that if he could he would ban the most popular guns in the country. But it is he that is the slow thinker.

He apparently doesn’t care that more people are murdered with hands and feet than are with the type of rifle used to murder children at Sandy Hook. He apparently doesn’t understand that criminals substitute one weapon for another depending upon availability at the time. He apparently doesn’t understand that when some madman is slaughtering first grade children a machete would work just as well as a rifle, doesn’t need to be reloaded, and can be fabricated in your garage from a piece of scrap metal, a piece of wood and a couple of screws.

Mr. Lupica is such a slow thinker that he believes tougher background checks would prevent “the wrong people” from gaining access to firearms yet the evidence shows any high school dropout has easy access to whatever illegal recreational drug they want as well as alcohol.

Mr. Lupica is such a slow thinker that he thinks a ban on America’s most popular gun and limiting ammunition would not run afoul of the Second Amendment.

If Mr. Lupica thinks we are such slow thinkers then why doesn’t he offer to take point when they decide to go house-to-house enforcing the “assault-weapons” bans he is advocating? If he did then we could get some real world data as to who is the slower thinker as to the practicality of such an endeavor.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Lupica

  1. I prefer not to use gratuitous profanity, but in this case, fuck that New York Progressive and the horse he rode in on.

    Has “Lupica” served? Has he carried one of those weapons that he pilloried? Does he have a bit of regard foe or even a glimmer of an idea of WHAT the Second Amendment is for? WHY it exists?

    All rhetorical.

    That liberal, metro elitist prick can’t conceive of resisting a corrupt and out of control government, because that’s what he wants.

    Useless piece of shit. Not worth the effort of scraping him off your boot.

    Best wishes from San Antone, where the wife and I spent a very pleasant pre-Christmas weekend break. Don’t you know, I didn’t even even have to give more than a second thought to my CC. Although being a mouth breather and NRA and TSRA sellout, I’m sure a dork like Lupica would imagine me gunning down windrows of those unlike me or God forbid, a different racial or ethnic group.

    Anyhow, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to follow MB’s. May the fire stick of your dreams appear beneath your Christmas Tree.

  2. Interesting that the NRA trains, sponsors, and supplies an entire nationwide cadre of instructors who teach responsible gun handling – not like this douchebag Lupica would have any knowledge of such a program, or even care. As one of those mouth-breathing NRA members/instructors, my bit of advice to Lupica is to just remain in his gun-free NYC utopia and STFU about the rest of us retards in flyover country.

    • I think I’d win the bet if I say his definition is one who owns what the state allows, with the ammunition allowed, kept under lock and key at some state owned and controlled range.

      It’s like an atheist lecturing about what Christianity is.

      IMO, he not only doesn’t own any gun right now, he’s – never – owned one, much less shot or even held one in his hands.
      Might break one of his polished fingernails on an icky gun you know.

      And I’ve never yet met a metrosexual twit who’s idea of ‘good and decent’ matched mine in any specificity.

      • I don’t know that; I’ve met atheists far more knowledgeable about Christianity and other religions and far more enthusiastic about religious freedom than he is knowledgeable about guns and enthusiastic about Constitutional rights.

  3. He apparently doesn’t care that more people are murdered with hands and feet than are with the type of rifle used to murder children at Sandy Hook.

    While that is a true statement, it is a little misleading. Per the FBI reports, more people are murdered by using hands and feet than by using *any* type of rifle. From 2008 to 2011, the murder count by use of rifle or shotgun *combined* was less that by using hands and feet.

  4. To flip things around, let met post this:

    “America remains far more concerned with protecting the rights and privileges of truck drivers than it does the safety of the general motoring public, despite the recent trauma of Kermit and his then-pregnant wife at the hands of an irresponsible truck driver.”

    By his logic, my wife and I (and our recently-born daughter) should be anti-commerce, anti-trucking, etc., fighting to ban all trucking, or at least those long-haul truckers like the one that hit and flipped our vehicle back in April. It really fits the narrative, too, as he was actually running bob-tail, but -could- have been carrying a 50k ton trailer. Just like all these spree killers -could- have been using ARs and AKs. And just like the spree killers, the damage, injury, and potential for death would have been -much- higher if he had been.

    Truckers, drive safe, and may you never have an empty trailer!

    Kermit, out.

  5. He’s a friend of a good friend of mine. He’s been a sportswriter for a very long time.

  6. Maybe he needs to stick to sports writing, as he hasn’t a flippin’ clue on firearms.
    But that is normal, really, with the type of people who write for a living. It would be nice if they stuck to that, and stayed in their lane.

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