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Sometimes – as sad as it is – only violence stops violence. The next middle-class white kid that wants to go postal should do a service to his country and do it at the NRA headquarters.

Mr Wiseguy
December 16, 2014
Comment to Why Sandy Hook Victims Won’t Win Their Suit Against Bushmaster
[There are two ways to interpret this. One is that Mr. Wiseguy wants such a person to be quickly stopped with a minimal loss of life. The other is Mr. Wiseguy wants the people at NRA headquarters murdered.

I’m inclined to believe the latter interpretation is correct. Otherwise he might have avoided the ambiguity by suggesting the event occur at a police station or a military gun range where the good guys are more likely to be in armor, relatively well trained, and with loaded guns.

Hence, I have to tentatively conclude Mr. Wiseguy is advocating for the murder of NRA employees. You shouldn’t be surprised by this. It’s an inherent part of their nature.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mr Wiseguy

  1. He says, “… only violence stops violence.” Isn’t that kinda the whole “good guy with a gun,” argument? Perhaps, as you like to say, he has crap for brains.

  2. Then again, as history has shown, modern military facilities are by and large disarmed victim zones, by official presidential policy.

  3. With no other context I would be willing to go with the first interpretation. Of course if he has a history of wishing ill on gun owners then the second makes more sense.

    • I would suggest that “next middle-class white kid that wants to go postal…” contains some context.

      Certain people have decided that any mention of race smacks of racial vilification unless it is focused on what they consider to be an acceptable racial target. These people tend to support gun control.

  4. Come now, he’s trying to be far more subtle and cute. He’s suggesting that the NRA is evil and violent and they can only be stopped facing (the much lesser) evil and violence of psychopathic murderers.

  5. Just an FYI…..The NRA does not allow guns in it’s HQ or at most of it’s other meetings.

    • That’s distressing. An organization claiming to be a defender of the right to bear arms, insisting on making its own facilities defenseless victim zones?

  6. From Glenn Reynolds: “Heh. But (barely) deniable violence for purposes of intimidation is all part of the scheme. That’s what “no justice, no peace” means. As Richard Fernandez has written: “It is impossible to understand the politics of the Left without grasping that it is all about deniable intimidation.” That’s why they don’t want you to own guns, and that’s why they’re so panicked at groups, like the Tea Party, that aren’t intimidated.”

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