What does this look like?


Ignore the red color. In use that part of the image could be green, blue, yellow, brown, pink, whatever. The white part is supposed to be an icon representing something.

The thing it is supposed to look like and what I suspect it looks like to many people is “below the fold”.

I asked Barb, “Does this look like a supersonic bullet or a some sort of water bug?” Her response was instantaneous and without any tone of doubt, “A water bug.”

It’s supposed to be a bullet.

I am not an artist.

Update: As AM points out in the comments the shock waves are wrong. Here is what they should look like:



17 thoughts on “What does this look like?

  1. First thing I thought was supersonic tank shell, probably HE. (No fins for a solid penetrator like APDS.)

    Of course, I spend a lot of time playing games about tanks and thinking about tanks.

  2. I recognized supersonic bullet, but you got the wave drag lines wrong on the base, the first set should be more parallel with the wave drag lines coming off the nose, and the rear vortex drag lines are not a sharp cone, more open.

    • That people are sort of recognizing it makes it worth my while to clean it up and do it right.


  3. I’ve seen a lot of water bugs in my life, and even after you mention water bugs it still doesn’t look like a water bug. The context of the blog may have been part of it, but my instant thought was of a bullet in flight. It is after all very similar to the earlier, blue and yellow Modern Ballistics icon that’s currently on my desktop. The lines at the back seem too busy though.

  4. You’re more of an artist than you know. Immediate thought was “bullet” followed shortly by “aerial view of a ship underway”. I had to think about it in order to see a bug…

  5. I got “bullet” as well. What kinds of bugs does you wife see? It looks nothing like any bug I ever saw.

  6. I also immediately thought “supersonic shock waves from a bullet”. I would not have thought of a water bug had you not mentioned it.

  7. Saw a boat-tail bullet with shockwaves and figured you’re updating the logo for Field Ballistics. The background color may be less relevant if you opt in to WPBlue’s shadowbox effect.

  8. I saw a bullet in flight. Never thought about a bug or even supersonic, just a bullet.

  9. My first thought, given the website, was idealized supersonic bullet.
    But, upon consideration of your comment and the implication that someone other than a shooter might see something different, it was obviously pornographic and rotated 90 degrees from the typical viewing angle.
    Or maybe a boat, a water bug, or…. nah, it’s a bad porn sketch. 🙂

  10. I was thinking more of a boat moving through the water, which when you think about would produce a very similar pattern.

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