It’s time for us to leave now

I was at Ry’s desk this afternoon when he got an message from Barron. He looked up at me and said, “It’s time for us to leave now.” “The verdict is out?”, I asked. “Yup”, was his reply and he offered to give me a ride because my bus wasn’t running for another hour or two. The protest was planned to start in Westlake Park which is directly across the street from where we work.

As we drove past the end of Westlake Park Ry saw “a wall of police” at the park where the Ferguson protest was planned to start. Here is part of what was being planned by the “protestors” (via Gay_Cynic):

The group’s Facebook page, which has a picture of an AK47 and the statement “the workers must be armed and organized” as its background, indicates this protest could take on a more aggressive tone.

“‘Diversity of tactics’ and ‘be your own bodyguard,’ will be in FULL EFFECT,” the site reads. “Remember where you’re at, who is present, why they are present, and what time it is. This is NOT a game. This is NOT the usual ‘activism.'”

As we drove home across the lake he talked about how many rounds of .223 ammo he had and, “Should we stop by Wade’s to get more?” I declined. I think a 1000 rounds is more than adequate. If an individual has more hostiles than what they can take care of with 1000 rounds someone on the other side is going to get lucky no matter how disparate your skills and equipment. What’s the point of giving them more ammo after they overrun your position?


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  2. I hope you guys have your routes, and several alternate routes, planned out.

    By the time there’s “a wall of police” in visual range I believe you’ve probably waited too long, but then you’re there and I’m not. There are several ways of looking at it too. One would be asking “where would I be safer?” and another would be “where could I do the most good?” and more besides. There’s probably no way to answer those in advance.

  3. Got your gas masks with you as well? I guess it’s time to check the fit on mine and get a couple of filters out of the storage bunker.

    But then I’m not expecting to see much action outside Monroe, WA

  4. I recall living in my very white, relatively affluent Baltimore suburb when the OJ verdict was about to be announced.

    My neighbor, speaking to me after a few too many beers, looked around the houses on our street and declared, “If the verdict isn’t guilty I’m gonna riot and burn our whole neighborhood to the ground.” Then we both broke up laughing.

    And I, with my white privilege that must be checked, I’m the racist?

  5. “Mag whore” huh? I don’t know what I’d do with hundreds of magazines. Dozens, maybe. I’ve been consolidating them into a mono-block of same-brand mags for the ARs. After that it’s all clips. I figure a person can haul a lot more ammo on clips in bandoliers. If I end up in a running firefight that requires more than a few dozen pre-charged magazines, well, oh boy. If I manage to get through all my pre-charged mags, still healthy enough to fight, then I’m either really damn good or really, really lucky and neither is likely to prove true. Beyond some not-super-large number of mags, the rest is really just trading fodder, practically speaking, or a good find for looters as was pointed out above. I recently spoke with a guy who has buried caches, and in that case a large number translates to the relatively small number you can get to in time…

    More important than any considerations of weaponry, I’d say, is understanding just what we’re up against, how the Enemy operates, just how we got to this juncture, and what it takes to counter it in society before the shooting starts. I know fairly well how to pull a trigger, but that only happens after we’ve pretty much lost the war, see. We’re in an all-out psychological war right now, and who even knows we’re in it and how it’s being fought, to say nothing of who knows how to win it for the side of liberty?

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