This is what they think of us

From Alexis Clark:


She describes herself as “Pleasantly Opinionated.”

If she thinks calling people who live in a certain area names like that is “pleasantly opinionated” you shouldn’t be surprised that she got the labels on her map mixed up.

Update: The Tweet and the picture were deleted a few hours after I posted this.


14 thoughts on “This is what they think of us

  1. You are correct, this is terribly inaccurate. I can assure you, that living in the middle part she has labeled, “America,” I am solidly in the heart of Dumbfuckistan.

    Perhaps she did simply transpose the labeling. I expect a correction to be issued.

    • Bite your tongue!

      I was getting my hopes up…

      For me, I’m proud to be from the ‘Stan.

      Jeff B.

  2. Similar image, and identical hatred!

    One thing I kept thinking about when reading the Communist Manifesto was that “Progressives” sell socialism as political altruism, but the core of Communism is enacting revenge against people who are smarter and harder working than they are.

    These people WANT a civil war, and worse they think others will fight it for them so they can watch the mass graves fill up from the comfort of their living rooms.

    • That is why the Russians recruited their Bluecaps (the rank-and-file cops and komisars) from among the lower classes, because they could count on the envious thugs to be the willing torturers and executioners of the successful. They were to poorly educated and/or dumb to know how much havoc they were wreaking on the nation. All they knew, all they cared about, was that they got to mess with the well-off and the successful in exchange for a cushy job and relative power.
      Think the TSA on steroids….
      And you wonder why they don’t do more to clean them up.

  3. She should have put Eastern Washington State, and parts of Oregon and California in D’f’istan, and Houston and some of the other big cities into her “America”, i.e. it’s more of a mindset, or culture, than a location.

  4. I’m pretty sure this image actually originates from the presidential election of 2004. I remember seeing it then.

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