Quote of the day—BenRothstein (Commander McBragg)

Take all guns from the commoners and dole out harsh prison terms, such as life without parole, for possession of any firearm, ammunition, or firearm component. Good governance requires it and President Obama supports it.

BenRothstein (Commander McBragg)
October 24, 2014
Comment to Suspect Among 2 Dead in Washington High School Shooting
[I suspect a troll, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

In addition to the tragedy of the deaths and injuries this could push a very close election (in process right now) on the gun control initiative I-594 the wrong way. Sometimes it’s tempting to think of these events as Manchurian Candidate conspiracies.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—BenRothstein (Commander McBragg)

  1. Could be a troll, but on the other hand, might be for real. As you say…

    I guess the required response is a simple and succinct;

    “Molon Labe”

  2. Troll hyperbole I suspect as well, since the cartoon character was a braggadocios windbag.
    Of course, the cartoon was a product of the 60’s and it’s probable that most people today wouldn’t ‘get it’.

    • His most immediately previous comment was “It’s about guns. BAN THEM NOW!”
      The icon looks to me like a Nazi caricature of their stereotypical Jew, dark hair, beard, big nose with an evil grin on his face, and rubbing his hands together.

      If he hasn’t said anything else besides these two comments, I vote troll. There are plenty of knee-jerk low IQ commenters on that story who do think it’s all about guns and have an annoying mixture of ad hominem and invective to prove that they are low IQ commenters who think it’s all about guns.

  3. Wasn’t it Tam who said that Home Depot had 80% Sten receivers in the plumbing aisle? Good luck trying to take them all.

  4. See also http://thehomegunsmith.com — an amazing website the British government tried to shut down.
    An interesting part of that quote is the use “commoner” — clearly a polite way of saying “the plebes” (pronounced with a snotty upper crust accent).

  5. And if not a troll… you can bet good money this person will go on and on about how “President Obama supports it.” but the second one of us goes “Yeah, Obama wants to ban guns.” he’ll turn around and call us paranoid.

    Typical doublethink.

  6. “Take all guns from the commoners”

    What an idiot? Commoners? Where does he think he is, England?

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