Greatest danger to the world

I find this chart very odd (from Apart From Ebola (And Inflation), These Are The Greatest Dangers To The World):


In the U.S. and several Western European nations what people consider the “greatest threat to the world” is “Inequality”. While many of the nations where I envision “inequality” being the most obvious, like India, Mexico, and South America, other issues dominate. Is it an expression of envy by people with worthless degrees or unable to graduate from high school seeking “social justice”? Are these people willing to bring chaos to the world because they believe they don’t get what they deserve? Or is this some sort of guilt for living in a relatively free society?

If guilt then I guess I don’t have any because if I were doing such a survey it would not have even crossed my mind to have that as one of the options.


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  1. Remember, Envy is one of the 7 deadly.

    “Are these people willing to bring chaos to the world because they believe they don’t get what they deserve? ”

    Sure they are. All we have to do is read the (old Non-PC) history books.

    Millions have been killed just in the last century.

  2. It’s interesting. “Inequality” shows up in socialist countries. Both those where inequality has really been achieved (like Argentina) and those where it’s the myth that keeps big government in power (Europe and USA).
    It’s also interesting to see that environmentalism doesn’t really appear (“pollution” does, but that makes sense because it shows up in places where it’s real, like China). The article with the corresponding chart for Europe shows environment in the top 3 for just one country (Sweden). And warmism appears nowhere (unless that Swedish entry is a proxy for warmism).

    • Yeah, I’d have thought “Climate Chaos” would be high on the list. It comes down to marketing. If you’re trying to sell communism to the world, which will resonate more with the low information populations? “Climate Chaos” or “inequality”? Apparently the “I word” is winning. And yes, it is really envy.

      So you see this was a marketing research poll.

      In this global psychological war, polls serve as damage assessment. Find out which weapons and tactics are working, and do more of that.

  3. It is bizarre that Latin America is worried about nukes. Even at the most tense moments of the Cold War, the Southern Hemisphere was always the place to be. We are a long way from that now.

  4. “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” – Thomas Pynchon in “Gravity’s Rainbow”

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