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  1. He’s absolutely right about times and society changing. I’ll disarm when Hezbollah, the Taliban, et. al., decide to stop flying planes into buildings and randomly cutting the heads off people; now, unfortunately, in the US as well as elsewhere in the world.

    • The U.S. was fighting Islamic terrorists at the time of this country’s founding. Jefferson sent warships to the Mediterranean to combat the pirates. Marines went ashore, captured cities, and rescued hostages. Reading about that conflict I was struck by how similar the attitudes and beliefs of our enemies were then as they are now.

      The names may have changed but I wouldn’t say times have changed that much in regards to our conflict with Islam.

      • Well, give the X9887L’s of the world credit for consistency, they think our forebears should have submitted meekly to being scalped by the Indians and raided by the Barbary pirates instead of offering armed resistance.

        Of course, if you don’t think that your very existence is evil, then you pretty much have to think X9887L is a dangerous lunatic.

      • Of course their attitudes and beliefs are the same; the Koran hasn’t changed!

        • While true the followers of Christianity have changed in attitude and belief a considerable amount in the same time even though the Bible has not changed (except by alternate translations). Lot of sects have come and gone during that time. Almost all, even the most hardcore Christians, have become more tolerant of different faiths. Not so with the devout Muslims.

          • And let’s not conflate Christianity, the culture, or those who claim to be Christians, with the actual message Jesus conveyed. Jesus never advocated killing non believers simply because they were non believers.

        • True, but then again Islam is only 1400 years old. If you assume the same speed of development as Christianity, they are about due for a Reformation, and tolerance would be expected to emerge in 2-3 centuries.
          Then again, we now have the tools to defend ourselves, unlike the victims of the Inquisition in Europe in the 1500s.

    • Am anonymous coward, that’s too much of a wuss to even keep a profile on a page that already agrees with it.

      I’m sure it tells itself that it’s side is winning, as well.

  2. Times never change. Society never changes.

    There have always been and will always be people who seek to control other people through pressure and intimidation, and those who wish to live their own lives.

    Anyone who uses that cliche “times have changed” or any version of it, is attempting to have his way with you. People have been saying that (“in these times” or some such nonsense) for millennia. What they’re trying to do is separate you from your morals and common sense, claiming that the immediate situation is so unique that the usual morals and standards MUST be abandoned. There is also the implication that the person making the claim “times have changed” is more aware and informed than you, who are backward and possibly stupid. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is an open admission of this sort of ruse. NEVER FALL FOR IT.

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