8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chuck Michel

  1. Actually, there is one thing to add – the “may issue” folks keep saying that without their discretion, the “wrong people” may get guns. What they refuse to acknowledge is that the “wrong people” ALREADY HAVE (or can easily get) guns, and what we’re trying to accomplish is just leveling the field…..

    • Ah, but to collectivists, *we* are the “wrong people” that must be denied lawful access to any effective means of resisting them.

    • Also, “may issue” is at times used as a false flag when the reality is “will not issue”. Consider Hawaii, a may-issue state where the authorities have never issued a permit in 30 years and boast about it. Or California — see “Stopping Power” by Neil Schulman for the full story.
      But yes, I guess there is may-issue, NYC style, where you can get a permit if you are an influential fellow traveler, like the publisher of the NY Times.

      • Or the sheriff of San Francisco County, who wants to keep may-issue control, because he “knows best” who should have a permit. Proudly states he hasn’t given ONE permit since his election in 2012. That’s not may-issue, that’s no-issue. A total ban.

    • By the way, the original quote is much better than Michel’s version. For one thing, it doesn’t introduce the irrelevant subject of hunting into a gun rights discussion. For another, it uses the words of communist dictators (apparently Lazar Kaganovich rather than Stalin, but that doesn’t make much difference) against them.

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