Not getting it

Either these people just don’t get why we have a problem with their gun control plans, they think they can sneak one past us, and/or (and there is evidence to support this hypothesis) they are just plain stupid.

Via CGL Admin we have A Promising New Approach on Assault Weapons:

Require background checks for all gun sales: This is a no-brainer. Background checks are fast, easy, and effective at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

Require dealers to report multiple sales of long guns: Since 1975, gun dealers have been required to report sales of multiple handguns to a single buyer—and there’s no reason that rule should apply to the sale of a few antique revolvers, but not to the purchase of dozens of military-style assault weapons.

Equalize interstate sales of long guns and handguns: CAP’s report offers a policy equalizer that even gun enthusiasts should support: allow gun dealers to sell both handguns and long guns to out-of-state residents, but require those sales to be reported to ATF and state police in the buyer’s home state.

Require federal firearms licenses for individuals that manufacture guns using 3D printers: We’ve long supported cracking down on guns created by 3D printers, and this is a fair—rather than punitive—way to do so.

Bar possession and use of machine guns by individuals under the age of 16: If there is anything to be learned from the horrible incident last month in which a 9-year-old accidentally shot and killed her shooting range instructor when she lost control of an Uzi, it’s that children shouldn’t have even temporary access to machine guns until they’re old enough to control them.

Require a permit for possession of assault rifles: This is the most innovative of the CAP proposals—a new take on keeping assault weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. Instead of banning these deadly weapons flat out, the report calls for a common-sense permitting process like those already required by most states to carry a concealed weapon.

All these proposals are unacceptable as they create victimless crimes. There is no victim in any of the things they want banned or restricted. That is bad enough but the glaring, no way, I won’t stand for it, obstacle from our perspective is that it creates a shadow registration system of guns and gun owners (maybe we can call this “ghost registration of guns”).This is unacceptable for the possession and use of religious materials protected by the First Amendment and it’s unacceptable for the exercise of the Second Amendment as well.

But what really has me thinking is that our opponents admitted there really weren’t that many crimes committed with “assault weapons” anyway. So banning them couldn’t possible do that much good. We were right all along! Then they almost immediately come back with a “new approach”. If the number of crimes committed with them were statistically insignificant then why do they need any “approach” at all? Why not just leave us alone?

Either they are incredibly stupid or they think we are. If they aren’t incredibly stupid then the reason they can’t just leave us alone is because those guns they want us to get permits for and register is because these guns are an obstacle to them in some way. If present day criminal use of these guns is not a problem then the problem must be some potential future use of the guns that is a issue for them. So what do they have planned that our possession of these guns would be a problem for them?

See also Dave Kopel’s article on the same topic.


11 thoughts on “Not getting it

  1. time to just shoot a couple three hundred thousand of ’em, or so. that will shut them up, and make life much more pleasant. just the ones that deserve it, no reason to get carried away with the fun of it, just for light and transient reasons.

  2. The 3d printer one is particularly stupid. If I mill my own gun on a bridgeport CNC mill, I don’t need any licenses or paperwork, but if I print a much less effective gun on a 3d printer now suddenly I need a license?

    • It makes the same sort of (non)sense as the assault weapon ban. Invent a meaningless category and ban in. Then invent another and ban that. Repeat until done.
      Remember the “saturday night special” thing? Well, perhaps that one wasn’t completely meaningless; it was specifically aimed at disarming poor people by targeting the guns they could most easily afford. And if that alone wasn’t racist enough, the label they attached to those guns should have made it perfectly clear.

  3. It should be interesting to watch the disarmers squirm over the Oklahoma story. I’ve already seen some attempts to claim that the good guy was a “highly trained police officer”. Feh.

  4. My usual response to folks who think UBC’s sound good but aren’t anti-gun is to explain how they can’t work.

    “Do the police know what guns I own?” “No.”
    “Do the police know what guns *you* own?” “No.”
    “So how do the police *prove* that one of us gave the other a gun if they don’t see it happen?” “Oh. They can’t.”
    “Right, which means they can’t enforce a law requiring background checks… unless they also want universal registration.”

    Which then leads into a discussion of how even Canada couldn’t make registration work and that the RCMP admitted what they did have solved no crimes after dozens of years and billions of wasted dollars.

  5. They don’t fear guns, because gun violence doesn’t affect them. If gun violence was the issue then their approach would be different. They fear voters shifting their votes from D to R, and so demonize guns as a way to stop the D voter from buying guns and eventually becoming R voters. The fastest growing segments of gun owners are the young and women, which tend to vote D. ARs and handguns are the most popular guns to these segments, hence ARs are “scary black rifles” and handguns are evil. The hope is to make non-gun owners stay away from guns, in order to keep them as D voters. Reduce gun ownership and reduce R voters. Simple.

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  7. “Either they are incredibly stupid or they think we are.”

    They pretty much know WE aren’t stupid. They are targeting the ‘low-information’ voters. Those who only see the EEEVIL guns on the silver screen or portrayed by bobble-headed bleached blonde talking-heads on the nightly propaganda shows.

    It’s a fight for the souls of the clueless.

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