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I am no great orator, thinker or politician… I do not know or care for the ins and outs of public policy, suicide risks, criminal motives and I care not for morality. I treat my firearms as tools for self-defense. Nothing more or less. They are expendable, but they are not to be traded away for empty promises of cowards and nebulous promises of “safety”. Provide me everlasting invincibility, immortality, and impunity from danger and I will happily melt my guns into ornaments. Until that day, though, I will place more trust in cold steel and hot lead than the empty promises of cowards.

September 12, 2014
Forum post in Your Ideal Gun Control Method
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—RocketMedic

  1. Joe please post a warning for links that contain so much ignorance. That thread bruised my brain.

  2. Lots of Obama voters on that site. You can tell from the bizarre pronouncements they make that have no grounding in history, law, practicality or anything resembling reality – all made with straight faces, as if they were the most reasonable ideas ever proposed.

  3. Gah, so much idiocy. Cheerfully discussing the banning of self defense. It’s like you turn over a rock and find all these grubs squirming around.

  4. @Mr. Chubbins, @alanstorm, @Toastrider,

    Yup! Great source for “QOTD”, “No one wants to take your guns”, and “Crap For Brain” material.

    • Reading thru that thread… did the director/mod Squishy actually get a timeout on his own forum? Heh.

      • Yes, “Squishy” got a time out and maybe even a ban.

        What’s interesting is that I’ve actually ran across people who are actually that pacifistic.

        Luckily for us, not one of them have had the intestinal fortitude to attempt procreation.

        Luckily for them, they have not yet ran across a predator.

    • Yep, I’m not impressed with the “No one wants to take your guns….we just want to regulate them out of existence!” gambit.

      • Or tax them out of reach of all but our rich friends. That’s after all what the NFA was all about. And that’s what Teddy Kennedy was attempting do to at one point. What was the proposal, 5000% tax on ammo, something like that? Sure, you have the right to bear arms; you just don’t have the right to load them.
        Remember, they don’t want to take all guns away; they just want to make sure that only people who are on their side have them. Just look at NYC: the publisher of the NY Times has a permit, but normal people can’t get one.

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