Decisions, decisions

In Taylor v. City of Baton Rouge, the ban on guns in places that sell alcohol — including supermarkets and service stations, and their parking lots — was struck down on Second Amendment grounds.

It’s cool to see the 2nd actually meaning something. Not sure if this is the best case to take the the SCOTUS, but it’s not a bad decision. A strange piece was that it was a default judgement, because the defendant didn’t answer the complaint properly.

In other court news, in Sylvester v Harris California’s 10-day waiting period was struck down with respect to people who already own guns. Not strict scrutiny, not any clear other level of scrutiny, either. In any case, good news.

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4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Miller was decided by a Supreme Court that heard only the government’s argument; it is only fair that the next 2nd Amendment case be decided based solely on the plaintiff’s arguments.

    • Cosmic balance, perhaps, but still very unusual. Be interesting to see how that rolls uphill, though.

  2. If the Antis want to push Taylor, they’ll have a Hard Time, especially since other States allow Handguns in Bars. For example, in Ohio, those who have a Valid CHP can walk into any place that serves or sells Alcohol (like a Grocery Store) and conduct their Business. You aren’t allowed to CONSUME a Drink, though. Think of it like a “Designated Driver” Rule. This came about because a lot of CHP Holders wanted to take their Families out to places like Appleby’s, TGIFridays, Outback,, yet would have to Disarm, even though weren’t planning on Drinking at all. The Law got changed a couple of years ago, and I’ve yet to hear of ONE SINGLE CASE where a “Shooting Massacre” occurred. Of course, any Business can put up a “No Guns Allowed” Sign, but if they don’t, oh well.

    • I’d be fine if they pushed it, and it was upheld nationally. I don’t drink, but right now I can’t go to some places that serve alcohol to meet with people, even if I don’t consume, in WA state. (RCW 9.41.300, cannot carry in a place where alcohol is consumed AND is off limits to persons under 21. Restaurants that serve alcohol are fine.)

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