Quote of the day—Susan Danzig (@SusanDanzig219)

I f’n hate guns. Unlike the Prez, I would take away everyone’s.

Susan Danzig (@SusanDanzig219)
Tweeted on August 4, 2014.
[H/T to @BigFatDave.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with saying that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Susan Danzig (@SusanDanzig219)

  1. It must be kept in mind that at least some of Obama’s low approval comes from people who are impatient and upset that he’s not enough of an aggressive communist revolutionary. Danzig’s quote is an example of that.

    I’ll never forget the government union members screaming for revolution during the Madison, Wisconsin demonstrations a few years ago.

  2. Who is this person, and why should we care what she “thinks”? (Other than as a warning to be in Condition Yellow whenever she’s on the premises…)

  3. She can’t seem to get that hardware is inanimate, and not sentient; yet she gives a total pass to the malevolent thugs who use guns to evil ends…..

    As Joe has said many times, it’s indicative of mental problems…..

    • “Grr, oddly shaped lumps of metal, wood and plastic, grr!”

      They’re so ridiculous, and they can’t figure out why people won’t take them serious.

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