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When has the NRA or even an NRA member caused harm to anyone in our schools? Sure there probably has been someone, somewhere, who abused his or her spouse or kids, but the correlation of the NRA with violence of any type anywhere is almost for certain to be near zero or even negative. Get me a citation and then we can talk about it. But violence in the schools? Only in their dreams. Such a correlation would be their favorite wet-dream come true.

What if they had drawn the 2nd Amendment or the Bill of Rights at the door trying to get in? That would have been more accurate portrayal of their true concerns but their ill intent would have been more obvious.

These people are the enemies of freedom and want to knock down all barriers to unlimited government power. Private ownership of firearms is one of those barriers.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. And of course The NRA is for CHANGING the school landscape, while the anti-gun forces are for the status quo.

    You could claim they’re for banning and restricting guns…except guns are 100% banned and restricted from school zones, so really they’re just for keeping things the same.

    Plus let’s face it when the jerk and California killed those people after buying his guns at an FFL and passing the background check process on three separate occasions complied with all of California one-gun-a-month, and 10 day waiting periods, and only had Ban Compliant 10-round magazines, the anti-gun people called for background check laws, and magazine bans.

    They’re pretty consistent with waiving the bloody shirt and demanding something COMPLETELY unrelated, so it’s obvious they find these shootings useful, so why do something to STOP them?

  2. I have a great cartoon found on the net, I should try to find it again. It shows two punk kids with AK-47s and hand grenades, looking at a school door marked “Gun free zone”. Caption: “Dang! What do we do now?”

  3. What if it were a cop at the window? If the delicate, helpless children must be protected for any and all gunmen, surely that would have to include police– Officer Friendly carries a gun too.

    Or are we to believe that shooting a bad guy in defense of life and liberty is exactly the same thing as murdering innocent, defenseless children?

    Certainly, if guns are The Problem then we have to believe that, and this is a good example of how giving your allegiance to the Dark Side will make a fool of you. Once you’ve taken leave of reason, that’s that– You’ll do or say just about anything to support your irrational position. It WILL get crazier and crazier, and so long as your allegiance is in the wrong place you’ll have no choice in the matter. You’re doomed.

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