Gun cartoon of the day


This is what they think of you.

They think gun ownership is a relic from the past. What they don’t realize or want to admit is that restrictions on weapons is from the dark ages and the time of kings and tyrants. Free people own weapons to protect themselves and other innocent life. Serfs, peasants, and slaves may not. They want to return to the time of serfs, peasants, and slaves. They are the ones stuck in the distant past.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Right … The RINOs are not truly 2A supporters. They just pander for votes to keep their power.deep doen, I suspect most of them would like to disarm the serfs (how they REALLY view us) just as much as Feinsten, Schumer, et al.

  2. During the Roman Republic, no one, of any rank, was permitted to bear arms within the City of Rome. So the Assassins lured Caesar to Pompey’ s new theater, built just outside the bounds if the city…

    I don’t think any tyrant has forgotten that lesson, so today we have the endless drive to disarm everyone everywhere.

  3. A modern and very recent example of why the right to self-defense is not a dead letter is those thousands dead in Syria and Iraq who would have been well-served to have had pistols when the thugs came for their lives. If the Leftists had any moral sense and could look at things other than through the lens of left vs right domestic politics, this would be widely recognized.

  4. No, they are well aware that subjugation of liberty into tyranny cannot be accomplished so long as the “common people” have arms. They are aware, and want to be the kings.

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