Quote of the day—Neil Chasan

I am for a constitutional amendment to eliminate the right to bear arms….lets have that constitutional convention.

Neil Chasan
June 18, 2014
Comment to Hillary Clinton On Gun Control: We Can’t Let ‘A Minority Of People’ Terrorize The Majority
[Sorry Chasan. The Second Amendment only recognizes and protects the preexisting right so even if you could repeal the Second Amendment we would still have that right. And even worse for you is that gun owners would vigorously defend that right in absence of the Second Amendment.

This is no different than if by some great deception and fraud the First or 13th amendment were repealed. Those rights would still exist and those rights would still be exercised if Chasan and/or his ilk did attempt to infringe those rights.

And if Chasan thinks he can take my guns and ammo then he should come on over to my place and try. It turns out he is a “neighbor” (I cross Mercer Island, where he lives, nearly every day on my way to work). But then we all know he doesn’t want to do the dirty work. He wants someone else, with guns, to do it for him.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Neil Chasan

  1. Personally In welcome this philosophy. Yeah it’s horrible at it’s core, but If I had a choice between a bunch of anti-rights collectivist freaks doing their jackbootery per the law of the land, than how they behave now, which is simply ignore the 2nd Amendment and ram through laws that are expressly illegal, and even ignore the supreme court when they rule them as such.

    Remember, I could still be put in Jail for leaving an unlocked (even unloaded) gun on my night stand, or on my work bench in Massachusetts, despite the rulings of Heller and McDonald.

    If the antis want gun control, let them try to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I’m pretty comfortable with that path knowing how the wind blows. And if they manage to succeed sometime in the future we’re screwed anyway.

  2. Exactly. We can put the quote into better perspective thusly;
    “I am for a constitutional amendment to more egregiously violate the right to bear arms….lets have that constitutional convention.”

    The point is that it’s being violated right now, and he wants to see it violated more completely. What he doesn’t understand is that no law can create or destroy a right. Essentially, what he wants is to get a big enough criminal gang together that they can violate human rights on a more massive scale and with impunity.

    What Chasan and his partners in crime imagine will happen after that would be an interesting subject of investigation. Say they get a huge gang of millions of armed henchmen together and go door to door, confiscating guns, and after a decade or two of civil war they finally succeed. Then what? Every day is a sunny, spring day after a rain, all crime stops forever, we all have everything we ever wanted and without having to work for it, the birds all sing louder and with more enthusiasm, and all human suffering and conflict vanishes from the Earth and the lion lies down in peace and harmony with the lamb? Why? Because Americans (but only Americans who don’t get a government paycheck) no longer have guns, and we all know that Americans and their guns (but only Americans with guns, who don’t get a government paycheck) are the cause of all suffering?

    I can only guess, but I’d very much like to hear from Chasan on this. What does he actually think will happen if their planned decades long civil war to disarm all non-government American citizens is successful? Only he can tell us. But he won’t. Have you ever tried to ask an Obama voter, for example, what HE thought Obama meant AT THE TIME before the ’08 election when he said “Fundamental Transformation of America” or “Redistributive Change”? I don’t think you can get an answer.

  3. A constitutional amendment. Can a constitutional amendment establishing that elected officials not be offended by having to hear or read dissenting or contrary opinions be far behind?

    As Hillary Rodham Clinton said, “A minority should not be allowed to hold an opinion that “terrorizes” America.

    That of course is the role of the Left, and the Left hates competition.

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