6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ron *Ron-DMC* Hall @RonHall46

  1. And he’s sooo happy because he now has another tiny penis to compare his to…

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  3. What has the size of my clitoris have to do with anything firearm related?

  4. OK.

    Is he worried that non-subscribers are missing something from the magazine that he’s getting with his every month?

  5. Just a few things about me: I’m a male, but I don’t make it a habit to compare my penis to those around me, so I don’t really know whether it’s big or small. However, I’ve been married for just over a decade now, and so far, I haven’t noticed any major problems with it.

    On the other hand, when I was in high school, I weighed 100lbs; over the last fifteen years, that has increased to 170lbs, and it isn’t because I have a lot of time to exercise and develop solid muscle mass. I’m a bit of a weakling, and always have been, and back pain that is left over from an accident that occurred nearly a dozen years ago might or might not prevent me from becoming physically fit, if I were to try to exercise. While I try to be aware of my surroundings, I’m also a little absent-minded (which, I am sure, has nothing to do with me being a mathematician, nor the fact that having children makes me a little sleep-deprived :.); we also live in a rental with a huge glass door and big windows. (We didn’t have much choice: it was pretty much the only house available when we had to flee our previous apartment due to flooding and mold issues.)

    And my wife isn’t exactly physically fit, either, particularly after having been through several pregnancies (including the most recent one, which was difficult, having to spend most of the time with limited physical movement); she also has asthma, which makes it more difficult to exercise in the winter.

    Finally, all our children are young, weak, and unable to defend themselves against all but the least determined adult attackers. It is my wife’s and my responsibility to protect them, to the best of our abilities, when the worst happens.

    So, yes, my wife and I are compensating for things…but I suspect that penis size (or the lack of one, in my wife’s case) is the least of our concerns in what we are compensating for!

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